Direct Payments

Direct Payments are cash payments made in lieu of services to people who have been assessed as needing services. It allows individuals to organise and arrange provision of their own services to meet their needs. Direct Payments allow greater flexibility by increasing the choice and control individuals have over the way their needs are met. Direct Payments can be used to organise support at home, as an alternative to day-care or to coordinate respite.

How to Access this service

Anyone who has been assessed as in need of personal social services can apply to have a Direct Payment instead of the Service offered by the Trust.

The following are eligible:

  • People over 16 who have a physical or learning disability or sensory impairment
  • older people who require support
  • parents of children with physical or learning disability or sensory impairment
  • people with enduring mental ill health
  • carers (for services to meet their own assessed needs)

If not already in receipt of a service from the Trust individuals should contact their local Trust office. If in receipt of services speak to your key worker.

What is Self Directed Support?

Self Directed Support provides much more choice and flexibility to individuals and families by allowing you to choose how your support is provided. It allows individuals and families to have informed choice about how support is provided to you and gives you as much control as you want over your personal budget.

With a focus on ‘working together’ with us to achieve individual outcomes, you can tailor a package that best suits your lifestyle. This allows the individual or the family to live your lives in the way you want to.

Self Directed Support includes a number of options for getting support. The individual’s personal budget can be:

  • Taken as a Direct Payment
  • A managed budget (Where the Trust or a 3rd party organisation holds the agreed budget but the person is in control of how it is spent)
  • The Trust can choose and arrange a service on your behalf.
  • Or a mixture of all three.

How do I get Self Directed Support?

Self Directed Support is available to those who have been assessed as being in need of social care support. You can find out more by speaking to your key worker or the Trust Self Directed Support Implementation Officer (details below).

If you are happy with your current support arrangements you do not have to direct your own support if you prefer not to. You can have support arranged by us, or you can have a mixed package where you direct some of your support.

Where do I get more information about Self Directed Support?

  • Go to the Health and Social Care Board’s dedicated Self Directed Support website
  • Speak to your key worker
  • Contact our Self Directed Support Implementation Officer:

Julie Allen
Self Directed Support Implementation Officer
Mount Oriel PSD Office
53-57 Saintfield Road
Belfast. BT8 7HL
T: 028 9504 3596