24 Hour Rapid Response Nursing Team

The 24 Hour Rapid Response Nursing Team provides nursing care and support to patients over a 24 hour period who can safely be cared for at home.

Role of the Team:

  • To prevent admission or attendance at hospital
  • To facilitate earlier hospital discharges for patient’s on home intravenous antibiotics
  • To provide enhanced palliative and end of life care
  • To provide urgent out of hours nursing care

If required the patient will be seen within one hour of the referral, depending on the nature and urgency of the patients needs.

How to access the Service

All contact with the 24 Hour Team is via 07900053824 when you will be speaking directly to the nurse on duty or will:

  • Give you an approximate time for the 24 Hour Team to visit
  • Give telephone advice about your current problem or situation
  • Advise you to contact your District Nurse, GP or attend A&E for treatment

To be eligible for this service you must live in north or west Belfast and your care must be able to be safely provided at home.

Location of Service

The 24 Hour Rapid Response Nursing Team is based in the Urgent Care Centre (Beldoc) 64 Crumlin Road Belfast and covers north and west Belfast only. Telephone Number 07900053824

Care is provided to patients:

  • In their own home
  • Private Nursing Homes
  • Trust and Private Residential Homes
  • Hostel Accommodation within north or west Belfast