Screening service for new entrants to Northern Ireland


Through funding from the Public Health Agency the TB screening service within Belfast Trust has developed the Northern Ireland New Entrant Service (NINES).


This nurse led service aims to provide access to health care for new entrants to Northern Ireland to include new immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and clients who are unable to register for GP services. The service will continue to offer Mantoux testing and BCG vaccination for children and infants identified through the “at risk” screening programme.


A range of clinics can be accessed to address the health and social well being needs of the client group to include drop-in clinics for advice and support, health assessment clinics, immunisation clinics and health promotion sessions. Over the coming months clinic sessions will be further developed to include a GP clinic and a consultant led paediatric clinic.

Clients are offered a holistic health assessment; screening for communicable diseases such as HIN, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C for clients from high risk countries and immunisations as required. Assistance is given with registration for GP and dental services; signposting to other services and onward referral as appropriate.

For further information on the services available, clinic time or to make a referral the Northern Ireland New Entrant Service can be contacted: Monday to Friday at Telephone Number (028) 9056 5909.