Fostering - Intensive Support Fostering Scheme

Do you have experiences of working with adolescents?

Do you have time to care for a vulnerable young person?

About the scheme

The Intensive Support Fostering Scheme is a small specialist fostering scheme that provides long term foster care for young people aged 12 – 18. These young people have had traumatic childhood experiences and consequently their behaviour can sometimes be difficult as they try to make sense of their history. They need to live in a nurturing family environment with Foster Carers who have the knowledge, understanding and skills to care for and support them unconditionally until they can either return home in the future or are ready to live independently.

Placements are supported by our team of Social Workers, Extern Youth Workers, Psychologist and Teacher. Ongoing training is also provided.

The scheme is fee paid with a salary of £18,000 per annum plus additional maintenance. If you or someone you know are interested please make contact with us for a chat.

How to Contact us

Please contact Nadine Kirk / Franz Kavanagh or Jonny Watson from the Intensive Support Fostering Scheme on: Telephone: (028) 9081 7807 or email:

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