Ambulatory Care Centre

The Ambulatory Care Centre aims to provide alternative pathways for patients attending the emergency department with ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs). This would reduce unnecessary admission and improve the patient experience of the unscheduled attendance at hospital.

In addition, the centre aims to diminish the burden on bed stays within the Belfast Trust by facilitating investigation and/or treatment that would have otherwise required an in-patient episode.

There are several services located within the centre:

  • Programmed Treatment Unit
  • Day of Surgey Unit
  • Preassessment Services and
  • Discharge Lounge

How to access the Service

Patients are referred to this service by healthcare professionals using an electronic patient booking system. The clinical teams caring for the patient will source the appropriate treatment and pathway for the patient and answer some clinical questions before a slot is made available to them.

This booking system is currently only available via the Trust internal ICT systems. Healthcare professionals from other hospitals who cannot access the booking system will be required to contact the unit via telephone.

Location of Service

The ACC is located on level 1 at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Pedestrian and vehicle access is to the right of the glass foyer at the entrance of the main hospital. This area is controlled by a barrier system, with drop off facilities only.