Margaret's Story

Margaret Bennett volunteers with the Chaplaincy Department in the Mater Infirmary Hospital. 

Who are you and where do you carry out your volunteering role?

My name is Margaret M. Bennett. I volunteer with the Chaplaincy Department at the Mater Infirmary Hospital.

When and why did you become a volunteer?

I became a volunteer approximately 2 years ago. I decided I wanted to do something useful and different and to ‘give back’ a little for the good things that I have received in my life and perhaps make a difference to someone’s life.

What does your volunteer role entail?

Its means being with patients, often in their most vulnerable state. I should be pleasant, extend the hand of friendship and be comforting and consoling and observe strict confidentiality. I’m there to pray with them/for them, listen to their stories, perhaps tell my own story and if required inform their appropriate chaplain/minister. I am also available to family members and staff should the need arise.  Most importantly, it is being present with the person, sharing with them, giving them time and attention, listening rather than talking and being in empathy with that person so that they can be reminded of God’s love for them.

Do you enjoy your volunteer role? What is the most rewarding thing about your volunteering role?

Yes, I find the role most fulfilling and get a sense of achievement from it. What is most rewarding about my role is being part of that journey with patients/family, just to see a little smile on a suffering face is a wonderful experience. 

What has volunteering taught you about yourself or working with people?

Be more patient, kind and considerate. Give more time to others and forget about putting myself first so much. To listen rather than talk, be non-judgmental and count my blessings.

Do you feel valued as a volunteer?

Yes. On a personal level I am fortunate to be part of a good team in The Mater who show appreciation and treat me as an equal.

What would you say to anyone interested in becoming a volunteer with the Trust?

Go for it. You will not regret your decision. It may be challenging but it can open up many new avenues. It can help one to reach their personal fulfilment and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

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