Therapeutic Radiographers

Therapeutic Radiographers are the only health care professionals to plan and deliver radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer and some non- malignant conditions using highly advanced technology and state of the art equipment.

Radiotherapy is a highly scientific field requiring Therapeutic Radiographers to not only be technically skilled but alongside this have the ability to develop relationships with frightened, anxious and vulnerable patients and their families offering them a high degree of emotional support throughout their treatment journey.

As treatment techniques and equipment are constantly evolving, Therapeutic Radiographers are committed to lifelong learning and development throughout their careers

Therapeutic Radiographers work closely with Oncologists, Medical Physicists, Engineers, other Allied Health Professionals and Nurses and as part of a multi -disciplinary team ensuring a holistic approach  to patient care.

Services Provided

Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy for treatment of malignant and some non-malignant conditions.

How to access the service:

Medical referral only

Location of services:

Cancer Centre, Belfast City Hospital


Radiotherapy Services Manager:
Joanne McCarthy - 02895048570