Autism Assessment and Intervention Service

About the Service

The Belfast Autism Assessment and Intervention Service is delivered by health and social care professionals who are specially trained and experienced in the area of ASD.

We work in partnership with voluntary and community organisations to provide a range of interventions that best meet the needs of your child.

The team provides a range of services including:

  • assessments that will diagnose if a child or young person has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • help and support for children, young people and their families who are being assessed for ASD
  • a range of interventions for children, young people and their families who have been diagnosed with ASD
  • training to families whose child has been diagnosed with ASD.

The Belfast ASD Steering Group held the 'Growing Up and Living with ASD in Belfast' conference recently - Autism is everyone's business - Read the conference report here


Improving Services for people with Autism

Two new initiatives were recently launched by the Health and Social Care Board's Regional Autistic Spectrum Disorder Network (RASDN) to improve information and services for parents, carers and users of autism services.

The first initiative ‘Six Steps of Autism Care: for Children and Young People in Northern Ireland’ sets out a pathway that now means that no matter where you live in Northern Ireland, there will be a consistent approach to autism assessment, diagnosis and intervention for children.

The second initiative ‘Autism: A Guide for Families’, is a series of leaflets providing valuable information on a range of issues following a diagnosis of autism in a child or young person.




How to access the Service

Referrals for an Autism Assessment can only be made by GPs or other healthcare professionals.  If you think your child may need Autism services, please speak to your GP who will be able to refer you if required.

Read more in the leaflet Belfast Autism Assessment and Intervention Services

For GPs:

Referrals for an Autism Assessment are made to:
Carlisle Wellbeing and Treatment Centre
2nd Floor
40 Antrim Road
BT15 2AX
Tel: (028) 9504 0510

Referrals for Autism Intervention are made to:
Arches Wellbeing and Treatment Centre
1 Westminster Avenue North
Tel: (028) 9504 2301



A range of other locations are also used when appropriate such as: Everton Complex, Knockbreda Wellbeing and Treatment Centre and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.