Adult Protection Gateway Team

This is a specialist service focusing on the need to provide protection to adults who are experiencing abuse either in the community, residential settings, care home settings, or acute care.  

Specially trained social workers can offer information, advice, support and determine an appropriate safeguarding response for adults whose lives are affected by abuse.

What is abuse?

What is abuse? It includes: 

  • Physical abuse, where the abuser hits, pushes, kicks, treats the person roughly or worse.  
  • Psychological / emotional abuse or bullying involving threats, name-calling, insults, humiliation and meanness.  
  • Sexual abuse, for instance being touched or hit in private places, or even being sexually assaulted. Sexual abuse can be verbal too, through comments and jokes that make the older person feel threatened or embarrassed.
  • Financial abuse or theft. This can be as straightforward as someone stealing money or valuables,  or keeping some or all the money that should be used to pay bills
  • Neglect - this includes not providing enough or the right kind of food for a vulnerable adult, or not taking good enough care of them. Leaving someone unwashed or in dirty or wet clothes, not getting them to a doctor when they need one or not making sure they have the right medicines all count as neglect.  
  • Institutional – the mistreatment or neglect of an adult by a regime or individuals in settings which adults who may be at risk reside in or use. This can occur in any organization, within or outside Health and Social Care (HSC) provision.



How to Access the Service

If you ever feel in immediate danger or think someone else may be in immediate danger, Dial 999

If you are worried about someone who you believe is being abused, exploited or neglected, you can contact the Adult Protection Gateway Team.

The Team operates an open referral system so anyone can contact us directly:

During normal working hours (9am – 5pm) - Tel. 028 9504 1744
Regional Emergency Social Work Service (5pm – 9am) – Tel. 028 9504 9999

If you prefer, you can also speak to your GP or any other health care professional, and they will contact the service on your behalf.