Learning Disability Service Muckamore Abbey Hospital

Muckamore Abbey Hospital provides inpatient, assessment and treatment facilities for people with severe learning disabilities and mental health needs, forensic needs or challenging behaviour.



provides assessment and treatment planning for people with a learning disability and additional mental disorder, who cannot be effectively assessed or treated in the community. A full range of services are available including, psychiatry, nursing, social work, psychology, day services, behaviour support as well as Allied Health Professionals as required.

Normally individuals will only be in Cranfield for as short a period of time as possible and the team liases closely with family/carers and community staff to ensure a timely discharge.

Patients who require further treatment may transfer to 2 new wards:
Killead for treatment for enduring Mental illness

Donegore  for treatment of Challenging behaviour


Forensic Services

Assessment and Treatment Services are provided for men with a Learning Disability  in a 19 bedded ward Sixmile. Some of these men have been referred by the Criminal Justice System and assessed as likely to benefit from the Therapeutic Services of a Health Care environment. The service provides multidisciplinary assessment and treatment including forensic psychology and Psychiatry.


There are a number of people living in hospital who do not need to be there. They are waiting for community living arrangements to be funded so that they can leave hospital.


Children’s Service at the Iveagh Centre

The children’s service formerly provided at Muckamore Abbey Hospital has relocated to a specialist purpose built unit in Belfast. Called the Iveagh Centre, it provides acute, short term, multidisciplinary inpatient assessment and treatment for children and young people up to the age of 18 who have a learning disability, additional mental health difficulties, and who may display associated complex patterns of behaviour.

The centre has 8 beds and provides Tier 4 specialist inpatient assessment and treatment services for children and young people with a learning disability who are resident in the Northern, Southern, South Eastern, and Belfast Trust areas of Northern Ireland. Beds are not available for respite or long term residential provision.


Day & Therapeutic Services

All the patients in Muckamore Abbey benefit from a wide and variety day and evening Therapeutic, Vocational and Leisure Programme.

The hospital has it’s own swimming pool, Aromatherapist and sessions from Art and Music Therapists.

A variety of therapeutic services is available both individual and group including anger management, personal relationships training and specialist work e.g. Becoming the New Me.


How to Access this Service

Referrals to this service come from G.Ps. to the Hospital Consultant Psychiatrist. 

The majority of people admitted to Muckamore are detained under the Mental Health Order.  This means that they have a severe learning disability and mental health, forensic or challenging behaviour needs as defined by the Mental Health Order.  

Those admitted to Muckamore are usually over 18 years old. 
Children may be admitted to the Iveagh Centre.

Family / carer information booklet

This booklet contains key information for relatives/carers of patients who have been admitted to Muckamore Abbey Hospital. Click here to download the booklet.

Easy read information is also available. Please ask staff if you have any other queries.