Five pharmacy departments in the Trust provide a comprehensive pharmacy service to all our hospitals and community facilities.

The pharmacy department is responsible for:

  • managing the safe, effective and economic use of medicines in the Trust. This process includes regular monitoring of prescribing to ensure appropriateness, accuracy, safety and clarity.
  • ensuring that when medicines are prescribed, supplied and administered, there is a clear audit trail
  • purchase of all pharmaceuticals within the Trust

Patients are encouraged to bring in their own medication if they are to be admitted as an inpatient. This allows a more accurate medication history to be taken and avoids confusion during their stay and on discharge. A discharge letter, including the patient’s medication at the point of discharge, is sent to the patient’s GP following an inpatient hospital stay. 

The Regional Medicines and Poisons Information Service is a pharmacy based service that supports healthcare professionals working in hospitals and the community. In addition to providing Medicines Information, it provides an enquiry answering service on cases of poisoning including non-medicine poisoning e.g. household products, petrol or oil products, agricultural, industrial or garden chemicals and plants. 

Victoria Pharmaceuticals is the regional specialist manufacturing service for Northern Ireland. It is the only hospital production service in Northern Ireland manufacturing sterile and non-sterile medicines that cannot be supplied by the pharmaceutical industry, but are still required by health professionals and patients throughout the HSC.

Victoria Pharmaceuticals is undergoing a period of significant change with a new £7M capital project for a state of the art manufacturing facility due to open in mid 2010. This will also house the Regional Pharmaceutical Laboratory Service which is responsible for providing quality assurance to Victoria Pharmaceuticals, the Belfast Trust and health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.  Read about other Capital Schemes



Contact Details:

Regional Medicines and Poisons Information Centre
tel. 028 9504 0558

Pharmacy Departments:

Royal Victoria Hospital
tel 028 9063 7007

Belfast City Hospital
tel: 028 9063 2600

Mater Hospital
tel: 028 9080 2216

Musgrave Park Hospital
tel: 028 9090 2080

Knockbracken Healthcare Park
tel: 028 9056 5361