Relocation of the Regional Cochlear Implant Centre


The Regional Cochlear Implant Centre in the Dufferin Hospital building, Belfast City Hospital is relocating to new premises in Beech Hall Wellbeing and Treatment Centre, Andersonstown Road, Belfast on Wednesday 2 January 2013.


In January 2013 the service name will change to Auditory Implant Centre to reflect the variety of treatments offered by this service including Cochlear Implants, Middle Ear Implants and Bone Anchored hearing aids. The multi-disciplinary team includes - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Audiologists, Speech & Language Therapists, and Advisory Teachers of the Deaf, and administrative support staff.


The Centre which was established in the Belfast City Hospital in 1991 provides an integrated service to severe and profoundly deaf children and adult patients. Patients will now receive their surgery in the Royal Victoria Hospital Falls Road and their outpatient appointments with the multi-disciplinary team will take place in Beech Hall Wellbeing and Treatment Centre.

To contact the Auditory Implant Team please ring (028) 9504 0191.

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