Residential Accommodation for Older People

There are times when the circumstances of an older person requires them to need a high level of personal care and support, over a 24 hour period.  Some times it is not possible to receive this level of support in your own home. 

There are 9 residential homes within the Belfast Trust providing care for older people over 65 who have varying degrees of physical and cognitive impairment.
These homes provide accommodation for older people, both male and female and some of the homes provide beds for short-term convalescence, respite and day care to assist carers.

All of the homes are registered with the Regulation Quality & Improvement Authority and are subject to announced and unannounced inspections by the RQIA and current and past inspection reports are available to be viewed on request from the registered managers.
There are two different types of residential home

Providing care to people with dementia:

  • Killynure House
  • Orchardville House
  • Brae Valley
  • Ballyowen
  • Bruce House (Bruce House also has a seven bedded respite /short term care unit on site)

Providing care for physically frail older people:

  • Pine Lodge
  • Chestnut Grove
  • Hemsworth Court

Residential Care is different from Nursing Care.  The focus in residential care is on delivering good quality personal and social care services (help with washing, dressing, bathing, meals, assistance through the night, emotional and social support etc).   If you have any identified ongoing nursing needs, residential care will not be the option for you.

How to Access the Service

If you are considering long term residential care you should discuss this with a social worker, who can advise you on long term care options

Referrals can be made by a social worker or care manager, who can be contacted at your local wellbeing and treatment centre or local social services office.  Your GP or most health care professionals will also be able to help you get in contact.

Eligibility (General)
Anyone considering admission to residential care will be over 65, should have some degree of mobility, and will need assistance with all daily living tasks but requires no major nursing care. 

Each individual will have an assessment, commissioned by a care manager and carried out by your GP, along with a social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or other relevant healthcare professionals.

While most people admitted to the residential homes live in the greater Belfast area, some people may request admissions from elsewhere to be closer to family.  These requests will be considered depending on availability of beds.

Eligibility Criteria (Dementia)
Anyone considering admission to residential dementia care will:

  • have a dementia or cognitive impairment
  • require assistance of one person only with aspects of personal care
  • be mobile with or without an aid