Residential Care for Young People

We aim to provide a homely environment for young people who cannot live at home. We work together to make our homes nice places to live, where young people feel safe and well cared for, where they are listened to and helped to prepare for the best possible start to adult life.

Our Homes

We have 6 homes in the Belfast area. Two short term and four long term. Our short term homes will be most young people’s initial experience of our homes. It is a space to help young people, their families and social workers to decide where their needs are best met. After a short stay some young people return to their families, foster carers, or move to our long term homes.

Our homes offer between 6-8 places for young people mainly between the ages 12 – 17 years old. They are located in different areas within Belfast and as far as possible we aim to place young people in accommodation that meets their needs and wishes.

Every young person has his or her own room within a homely environment, where we aim to replicate as closely as possible a warm and family setting.

Each home has a unique culture where staff have links with other professionals and have developed particular expertise to provide support to young people. Examples are:

• Making positive relationships with young people and their families.
• Working with young people who display challenging behaviours.
• Working with young people who have a learning disability.
• Working through substance misuse or mental health issues.

How We Achieve This

We achieve this through using various models of care, such as Restorative Practice. This involves encouraging young people to actively participate in working through conflict and gaining an understanding of the impact they have on our community when they engage in negative behaviours.

We also use Social Pedagogy in our units. This is an approached developed in Europe that helps reduce a “them and us” culture in our homes and promotes and encourages young people to take an active role in their care experience.

Another model we use is Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, which helps young people, and staff develop skills to reduce aggression and understand behaviours.

Things Our Young People Have Told Us

“I was scared when I came in at first but the staff were so friendly and now I love it”’ 12 yr old current resident

“I never realised while I lived with you how much everyone was there for me, now I have moved on I can see how everyone cared for me and supported me. Thank you so much”. 18 yr old previous resident

“I got to try new things on my summer holiday, I went horse riding and banana boating, I was scared but it was great fun”. 15 yr old current resident

How to access this service

You can only be referred to our homes by a social worker, however if you would like to know more about what services we offer please contact:

Allan Liddell, Children’s Services Manager, telephone number 028 9080 3606.