Social Work

Social Workers are found in many different service areas in the Trust, often forming part of multi-disciplinary teams that work together to provide the best possible service to our patients and clients.

In particular they work with children and adults who may be vulnerable as a result of illness, disability and loss and who may have been subjected to abuse or neglect.

Working with service users, their extended family and local communities, social workers seek to provide services which draw together these important support networks, building on the strengths of families and neighbourhoods to provide care and companionship.

Underlying all social work in the Belfast Trust is the understanding that choice, autonomy and independence are important to everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

Out of hours Social Work Service

The out of hours social work service provides a single point of contact if you need to talk to a social worker in the evening, weekend or on a public holiday.

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Hospital Social Work Service

Hospital social workers help patients, carers and families to deal with the consequences of illness and disability by providing advice, information and support.

The hospital social worker will work with patients to organise the services they will need once they leave hospital, ensuring patients are discharged safely and in a timely manner. Patients unable to return home will be assisted in finding alternative accommodation such as nursing or residential homes.

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Main areas of work

Social Workers are professionally qualified and regulated and have particular responsibilities for the discharge of the Trust’s statutory duties in Children’s and Adult Services.

The main service areas with a Social Work element are: