About the Trust

Belfast Trust is the largest integrated health and social care Trust in the United Kingdom.

We deliver integrated health and social care to approximately 340,000 citizens in Belfast and provide the majority of regional specialist services to all of Northern Ireland. We have an annual budget of £1.3bn and a workforce over 20,000 (full time and part time). Belfast Trust also comprises the major teaching and training hospitals in Northern Ireland.

What we do

Adult Emergency Department Services (ED) saw 135,505 new and unplanned attendances this year. In our hospitals in 2015/16 we delivered 5,961 babies. In the community we are Corporate Parent to 740 looked after children in the Belfast Trust of whom 572 (77%) were in fostering placements.

In the community 10,000 hours of home care support per week is delivered to clients through our in-house services. We produce over 6,000 meals per day in our canteens and receive over 1,800 requests for porters. We also manage a Trust estate of 8 million square feet of floor space and produce 35 million lab tests per year.

We deliver a range of both community and hospital based care including cardiology, anaesthetics and theatre services, medicine and neurosciences, cancer services, nephrology and transplant services, rheumatology, dermatology and neuro rehabilitation services, adult social and primary care incorporating learning disability, mental health services, services for older people, physical and sensory disability services and psychological services, maternity and women’s services, dentistry and child health, trauma and orthopaedics, children’s community services, and social services.

In 2015/16 the Trust was working to deliver the 41 Ministerial Performance Targets as per the commissioning directions. The Trust did not fully deliver on nineteen of the reported performance targets within the following areas:

  • Fractures
  • Cancer
  • ED waiting times (4 hour and 12 hour targets)
  • Outpatient Access Waiting Times (80% less than 9 weeks waiting / 15 week maximum waiting time)
  • Diagnostic Waiting Times
  • Inpatient and Daycase Access Maximum Waiting Times (26 weeks)
  • Psychological Therapies Waiting Time 

Our History

The Trust came into existence on 1 April 2007. It was formed under the Belfast Health and Social Services Trust Establishment Order Northern Ireland 2006 – and is responsible for the services formerly delivered by six Trusts which were merged on 31 March 2007.

These Trusts were

  • the Royal Group of Hospitals and Dental Hospital Health and Social Services Trust
  • the Mater Hospital Health and Social Services Trust
  • North and West Belfast Health and Social Services Trust
  • South and East Belfast Health and Social Services Trust
  • Green Park Health and Social Services Trust
  • Belfast City Hospital Health and Social Services Trust