Arts Care create large scale art installation at Belfast City Hospital


Celebrate the gift of human kindness by helping Arts Care create a large scale art installation at Belfast City Hospital.  Light the Candle is a temporary art installation that is being created by Andrea Spencer, Arts Care artist in residence at BCH, and Nicola Drenan, a second year ceramic student at University of Ulster.

How can you get involved?

The artwork will be constructed from hundreds of paper flowers that will be assembled to create one unifying image of a lighted candle.

Over the next five weeks the artists will be working in different locations throughout Belfast City Hospital and showing people how to the make the tissue paper flowers. They will also be providing kits for those who would like to make flowers either in their own time or with others outside of the hospital environment.

When and where will the artists be?

Wednesday 16th November Bridgewater Suite 9.00 am -12 Noon
Wednesday 23rd November Bridgewater Suite 9.00 am -3.00 pm
Wednesday 30th November Bridgewater Suite 9.00 am -3.00 pm
Wednesday 2nd December Bridgewater Suite 9.00 am - 3.00 pm
Wednesday 9th December Bridgewater Suite 9.00 am 3.00 pm

Creating a unifying image of a lighted candle

The first stage of the project involves enlisting as many people as possible throughout the Trust to make paper flowers. The intention is that each flower will be specially made by one individual to send a message to another. The artists hope that many people (such as those who are receiving hospital treatment, their relatives and visitors, staff and members of the wider community) will participate by making paper flowers over the course of several weeks in November and early December.

Starting December 14th, all the flowers that have been created at different points throughout the hospital will be gathered together to make a composition. Through selection and distribution of the different colours, the paper flowers will be composed to create one large image of a candle. The art work will then be temporarily displayed in a prominent venue on the Belfast City Hospital site.

Andrea explains the thought behind the project:

“When given as a gift, flowers are a symbol of generosity, caring and love. There are also specific meanings assigned to different colours of flowers that have been used to send messages of friendship, nurturing, peace, joy, remembrance, etc… The image of a candle composed of a multitude of handmade coloured flowers will send an overall message that speaks of the power and energy of human kindness.”

The meaning of the artwork lies in the collective power of individuals when they band together for a good cause. The scale of the piece will be dependant upon the contributions by the many individuals involved. The artists estimate that they will need a minimum of 300 flowers made over the seven-week period to have an impact--but they hope to receive many more than that. The flowers are very quick and easy to make: one flower can be made in under 10 minutes by someone with no previous experience.

If you would like the artists to bring the project into your area, or if you need any further information about it, please contact

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