Restricted admission at Neonatal Unit - Pseudomonas Outbreak


Admission to the Neonatal Unit at the Royal Jubilee Maternity Service is being restricted due to an outbreak of Pseudomonas infection. This can be particularly harmful to babies and small children who are already ill.

Sadly two ill babies have died whose deaths may be linked to this outbreak. We are supporting these families at this very difficult time.  We are in the process of investigating the outbreak and taking all steps to identify the source.

To help prevent the spread of this infection everyone including parents and guardians are being asked to be diligent in their hand hygiene when entering and leaving the unit.

The situation will be kept under constant review.


What is Pseudomonas?

  • Pseudomonas is a germ or bacteria which is able to grow and survive in water and moist conditions.
  • Pseudomonas can cause infection in newborn babies.
  • It can also be found on the skin, in the absence of infection this is known as a ‘carrier’ state

Screening for Pseudomonas

  • All babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be screened for pseudomonas.
  • This involves taking a swab from the skin area of the underarm, bottom and groin.
  • With Parents / guardians approval this screening will be undertaken.
  • Parents will be informed of the results.


  • If pseudomonas is found on the skin and there is no infection treatment is not required.
  • If pseudomonas is causing an infection a course of antibiotics will be given