Trust Travel Plan wins Sustainability Award


In the first event ever to be held in the new Titanic Signature Building, Belfast Trust beat off competition from both the private and public sector to win second place in the Action Renewables Association Awards’ category for the Most Sustainable Travel Plan. This is a great achievement considering the plan was only officially launched in September 2011.

The Workplace Travel plan aims to encourage staff to choose sustainable modes of transport to and from work, as well as for business journeys. We hope to reduce the number of single car occupancy trips and increase the use of car sharing, cycling, public transport and walking.

It is estimated that one third of all travel in Belfast is related to the Trust’s activities. Most of this activity is due to the Trust’s 20,000 employees travelling to work and over one million patient attendances at our acute hospital sites.

To help reduce our carbon footprint, several initiatives are already in place including a car share scheme, a cycle to work scheme and the tax smart initiative for those using public transport.