Family Nurse Partnership Programme


Focusing on providing the best possible community based services, the Trust is introducing a new Family Nurse Partnership programme (FNP).



This new preventive programme is for vulnerable first time young mothers and offers intensive and structured home visiting, from early pregnancy until the child is two years of age.

Delivered by specially trained nurses (Family Nurses), the programme aims to improve:
  • pregnancy outcomes
  • child health and development and 
  • parents’ economic self-sufficiency.

The methods used in the programme are based on theories of human ecology, self-efficacy and attachment, with much of the work focused on building strong relationships between the client and family nurse to facilitate behaviour change and tackle the emotional problems that prevent some mothers and fathers caring well for their child. Independent research shows that this type of approach has been very successful, offering significant benefits for the children and mothers involved.

A family advisory board will be set up to oversee the implementation of the FNP within the Trust (chaired by one of the commissioners) which will be made up of key internal and external stakeholders.

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Recruiting staff for the programme

Working with the Public Health Agency the Trust will be recruiting staff over the next few months to deliver the Family Nurse Partnership Programme (FNP).

A Supervisor roll is currently being advertised on, with Family Nurse posts to follow in June.

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