Arts Care 21st Anniversary Art Exhibition


As part of Arts Care 21st Anniversary celebrations an art exhibition featuring service users, healthcare staff and medical student art works will take place at the Crescent Arts Centre 2-4 University Road Belfast.


The exhibition will run from Tuesday 15 May commencing at 1.00 pm until Saturday 19 May 2012.


Service users, staff and students are encouraged to attend this special exhibition which showcases the work Arts Care across the five health and social care trusts.



What is ArtsCare?

ArtsCare is an organisation that engages healthcare with a multiple programme of arts activities which includes dance, music, performance, visual arts, sculpture, drama and photography amongst other creative activity programmes such as research and education.

The organisation, founded in 1991, is a unique Arts and Health Charity based in Northern Ireland. In partnership with Health and Social Care Trusts throughout Northern Ireland, Arts Care engages 19 Artists-in-Residence, a team of Northern Ireland ClownDoctors and many project artists who facilitate and co-ordinate participatory workshops and performances.

Believing in the benefits of creativity to well-being, ArtsCare makes all forms of art accessible to patients, clients, residents and staff in health and social care settings. An increasing focus of ArtsCare's work is to contribute to the growth of a strong, research evidence base that demonstrates how arts participation in health enhances individual and collective well-being.

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