Trust wins at 2012 Healthcare People Management Association Awards


Congratulations to the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Services who won the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare Award for equality and diversity at this year’s recent 2012 Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA) Excellence in Human Resource Management (HRM) Awards Ceremony.

The judges praised the way this project created work opportunities for members of the local community as well as helping members of the community to access health and social care services. They felt a lot had been achieved with a very small team responding to a massively increasing demand.

Information about the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Services (NIHSCIS)

‘The Health and Social Inequalities Team at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust manages the service since April 2007. It provides a service to all five Health and Social Care Trusts and Primary Care practitioners in Northern Ireland.’Since its launch in 2004, Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Services (NIHSCIS) has fulfilled over 270,000 HSC requests for language assistance.

Almost 110,000 international migrants are estimated to have arrived in Northern Ireland between 2000 and 2009. The scale and complexity of the service delivery has increased considerably from 823 requests received for health interpreting sessions per year to over 60,000 requests within the 2011/2012 financial year.

It currently manages a pool of 334 trained and accredited, professional interpreters covering 36 ethnic minority languages (in 2004, there were 50 interpreters on the register).

NIHSCIS statistics generated on a quarterly basis clearly show the successful achievements of this project with a rate of over 95% of all demand met. Booking expediency has also improved due to continuous evaluation and improvement in the software application whereby processes have become simpler, more cost effective and environmentally friendly (e.g. reducing data input, bookings by email instead of telephone, fax or post and timely confirmations).