Consultant receives highest award from Queens University


Consultant in clinical genetics at Belfast Trust, Patrick Morrison, has received a Doctor of Science (DSc) degree from Queens University.

The DSc – a higher doctorate, is the highest level of degree that can be obtained, and is only conferred by the university once or twice every 10 years in the field of medicine, in recognition of exceptional work. 

Professor Morrison, who is also an honorary professor of Human genetics at Queens University, is an expert on hereditary cancers and neurological disorders. He received high praise from his two external examiners (Prof Bruce Chabner from Harvard and Prof Paula Ryan from Philadelphia - the two foremost world experts in cancer genetics) for his thesis on Recognition and delineation of new phenotypes in human genetic disorders, which details the internationally recognised work that has taken place in our genetics service over the last 12 years.

Speaking about the graduation ceremony examiner Prof Chabner, (Professor of Oncology at Harvard University) commented, “the doctorate is unquestionably deserved. [Prof Morrison] has made many very important contributions of his own, and as a collaborator, is an outstanding contributor to groundbreaking studies. I wholeheartedly endorse his graduation.”

This international collaborative work has allowed cutting edge translational research to take place in our genetics service, helping a very large number of patients to have world class treatments early on the NHS giving a great cost-saving to the Trust, as well as significantly improving patient care.