Health Lecture at West Belfast Festival - Presentations now available


Presentations are now available from the West Belfast Festival Health lecture sponsored by Belfast Trust:

This year the Belfast Trust will again sponsor a lecture at the West Belfast Festival. The lecture ‘Food Poverty - a New Hunger: will be delivered by Professor Martin Caraher Professor of food and health policy, Centre for Food Policy at City University, London.

The lecture will be held on Tuesday 7 August 2012 at 5.00pm, St Mary’s University College, Falls Road, Belfast.

Date and Location

‘Food Poverty - a New Hunger:
Tuesday 7 August 2012 at 5.00pm
St Mary’s University College, Falls Road, Belfast

Information about Food Poverty - a new Hunger!

Changes in the global and national economies of European countries are bringing about (re)emergence of hunger as well as increases in chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancers. At the same time changes in the welfare systems of countries are creating new groups of food vulnerable and food poor.

The current cutbacks in the welfare system in the UK and the rewarding of those who seek jobs through tax credits, do not have built into them a food security or minimum income level necessary for healthy eating.

What we are seeing is removal of some groups from the right to free school meals and a reformulation of the Healthy Start programme.

The same people who are hungry are also those who are overweight; this is the new face of food poverty in the 21st century

About Professor Caraher

Professor Caraher has worked in environmental health, public health in both the UK and Ireland and helped establish the Centre for Food Policy 15 years ago. Recent work has focused on the impact of food advertising on children’s food choices and the impact of advertising regulation. In addition he has been developing work in schools and this has included work for the UK Department of Health.