Belfast Trust Wins Sustainable Transport Award


Belfast Trust won first prize for the Best Promotion of Sustainable Transport at the prestigious Action Renewables Association Award Ceremony which was held recently at the Titanic Building in Belfast.

The judging panel recognised the Trust’s switch from diesel to electric vehicles for some of its freight services but more importantly it commended the Trust’s approach to the promotion of sustainable forms of travel by its staff.

The Trust’s Travel Plan which was launched in September 2011, aims to encourage staff to choose sustainable modes of transport to and from work, as well as for business journeys. It is driven forward by a Travel Plan Group and a Coordinator working 1 day a week with the objective to reduce the number of single car occupancy trips by staff and increase the use of car sharing, cycling, public transport and walking.

Already there is significant support from staff across the Trust for the 4 main schemes which have been set up under the Plan:

  • Cycle to Work Scheme 1400 members
  • Car Share Scheme 178 members
  • Bus Saver Scheme 168 members
  • Train Saver Scheme 215 members.

These staff are enjoying the financial and health benefits that sustainable travel offers.