Life's Amazing Pass it On - NHS achieves a ground breaking 50% increase in deceased organ donation.


Belfast Trust are continuing to run the Life’s Amazing Pass it on campaign and are delighted today to see that the NHS achieves a ground breaking 50% increase in deceased organ donation. This is a massive improvement throughout the UK and the Belfast Trust will continue to work hard to encourage more people to sign the organ donation register. This is a positive step for Organ Donation however we still can and will do more!



More than 3,100 lives were transformed by deceased donors in the last 12 months as the NHS hit the 50% increase in deceased organ donation, the challenge set by the Organ Donation Taskforce in 2008.

Bill Fullagar, NHS Blood and Transplant Chairman, said today announcing the increase. “This is an outstanding achievement that few thought possible at the time this ambition was set. It is the result of the hard work and dedication of staff in hospitals and communities across the country,”

“We must also share our heartfelt thanks with every family who, at a great time of sadness, supported their loved one’s wishes to donate their organs and transform the lives of up to nine other people.”

Sarah Hawkins Specialist Organ Donation Nurse, Belfast Trust stated, “Belfast Trust fully supports organ donation and works closely with NHS Blood and Transplant to promote it.

There are currently 200 people in Northern Ireland waiting for an organ transplant and since April 2008, 75 people have died in Northern Ireland while on the waiting list for an organ. One organ donor can save or transform the lives of up to nine people. We hope this campaign will encourage everyone in Northern Ireland to join the register and to talk to their loved ones about their wishes.”

The Life’s amazing. Pass it on campaign seen the message being brought to billboards and buses throughout Northern Ireland and continues to run throughout the Belfast Trust on posters, event stands and car park banners.

Look out for the message on posters and banners throughout the Belfast Trust!

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