Screened out with mitigation

Sept-Dec 2011:

Jan-March 2012:

April-June 2012:

July-Sept 2012:

Transforming cancer follow up in Northern Ireland

Oct-Dec 2012:

Clinical screening steps: Infectious diseases in pregnancy; Antenatal Rubella Screening and the management of Rubella-Non-Immune pregnant/postnatal women; Guideline for the management of breech presentation with external cephalic version (ECV); Management of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy.

Cluster of 12 guidance policies for staff at the RJMS.

Jan-March 2013:

April-June 2013:

Controlled Drugs Policy - Inpatient areas and Controlled Drug Procedures

July - September 2013:

Relocation of the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme from Royal to Forster Green Site

 January - March 2015

Adoption Services Relocation (Wellington Park to Admin Building, Forster Green)

April - June 2015

Extended hours for Community Mental Health Team older people (CMHTOP)

Withdrawal of Queen’s University Dental students from Bradbury and Beech Hall Centres.

July - September 2015

Proposal to relocate Cash Office services from Glendinning House to Knockbracken Cash Office / Patients Bank

 October - December 2015

Policy for processing requests for access to Patient/Client and Personal Records - charges for accessing records only to be updated.

Relocation of administrative staff from leased property to Trust accommodation

January - March 2016:

Creation of a combined inpatient Haematology and Gastroenterology ward in Ward 6 North at the Belfast City Hospital (BCH)

 April - June 2016:

Policy for HSC patients who wish to pay additional treatment Oncology and Haematology services at the BCH site.

Centralisation of Warfarin services in BHSCT

October  -  December 2016:

Establishment of an Oncology Haematology Unscheduled Care Facility.

Review and restructuring of physiotherapy administration.

January - March 2017:

Protocol for Patients who Cancel or Do Not Attend Outpatient Appointments

District Nursing Modernisation and Workforce Review  -  Older People Services

Centralisation of Administrative Residential / Review of Administration

April - June 2017:

Centralisation of endoscope decontamination

Victoria Pharmaceuticals  -  relocation of assembly and distribution of NI Ambulance Service medicines kits and HSC Trusts Hyperkalaemia Kits from Plenum Buliding RGH site to Knockbracken.

 July - 8 November 2017:

Relocation of RV Health Records Library from L4 RVH to new purpose built location on RVH site (current use as secondary storage)

Isolation policy for patients / clients with suspected or proven transmissible infectious microorganisms

 9 November 2017 to 31 December 2017:

Management of Tuberculosis in BHSCT

Jan - Mar 2018

PARIS Community Information System Implementation

Non medical prescribing policy

April - June 2018

July - September 2018

Relocation of the Estates Procurement Supplies and Contract Management Team from Musgrave Park to KHCP

Policy and Procedural arrangement relating to the prevention and management of alcohol and drugs in the workplace.

Disengagement of service users within adult mental health services and CAMHS.

October - December 2018

Safeguarding children and young people who are admitted to all adult wards and departments for care and treatment

Policy on consent for endoscopic procedures

Integrated Care Pathway Policy & Guidance for the detection and management of delirium in a range of care settings

January - March 2019:

Review of Mullan Mews Supported Housing Model

Testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea in Community S&RH Clinics

Child Protection Operational Guidelines for Nurses working in Community Child Health

April - 10 July 2019:

Dress Code and Uniform Policy

Social Media Policy

Belfast Health & Social Care Trust Community Learning Disability Financial Support Policy (Interim Policy)

Procedure on the use of ligature cutters

Confidentiality and Information Sharing with Service Users and Carers  -  Good Practice Guide

Conflict Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

11 July - 30 September 2019:

Caring for and safeguarding children and young people who attend adult services for admission, care or treatment.

Reopening of ten houses at Abbey Gardens by Belfast Trust for patients resettling from Muckamore Abbey Hospital to Cherry Hill.

Patients finances and private property  -  policy for adult inpatients within Mental Health and Learning Disability Hospitals.

Levels of supervision/observations within learning disability inpatient services policy.

Policy for HSC patients who wish to pay for additional treatment oncology and haematology services at BCH site.

Memorandum of Understanding between Beaumont Hospital / Dublin and Belfast Health & Social Care Trust and the Health Service Executive (HSE - funding only) for the provision of living donor exchange kidney transplant service (plus data sharing agreement).

Management of breast cancer patients on self directed aftercare pathway.

BHSCT Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures 2019.

Regional Transformation Proposal 2018/19:  Enhancement to Home Based Intermediate Care.

Reorganisation of BHSCT RMPS Radiation Protection and Rediological Sciences & Imaging services.