Screened out with mitigation

Sept-Dec 2011:

Jan-March 2012:

April-June 2012:

July-Sept 2012:

Transforming cancer follow up in Northern Ireland

Oct-Dec 2012:

Clinical screening steps: Infectious diseases in pregnancy; Antenatal Rubella Screening and the management of Rubella-Non-Immune pregnant/postnatal women; Guideline for the management of breech presentation with external cephalic version (ECV); Management of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy.

Cluster of 12 guidance policies for staff at the RJMS.

Jan-March 2013:

April-June 2013:

Controlled Drugs Policy - Inpatient areas and Controlled Drug Procedures

July - September 2013:

Relocation of the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme from Royal to Forster Green Site

 January - March 2015

Adoption Services Relocation (Wellington Park to Admin Building, Forster Green)

April - June 2015

Extended hours for Community Mental Health Team older people (CMHTOP)

Withdrawal of Queen’s University Dental students from Bradbury and Beech Hall Centres.

July - September 2015

Proposal to relocate Cash Office services from Glendinning House to Knockbracken Cash Office / Patients Bank

 October - December 2015

Policy for processing requests for access to Patient/Client and Personal Records - charges for accessing records only to be updated.

Relocation of administrative staff from leased property to Trust accommodation

January - March 2016:

Creation of a combined inpatient Haematology and Gastroenterology ward in Ward 6 North at the Belfast City Hospital (BCH)

 April - June 2016:

Policy for HSC patients who wish to pay additional treatment Oncology and Haematology services at the BCH site.

Centralisation of Warfarin services in BHSCT

October  -  December 2016:

Establishment of an Oncology Haematology Unscheduled Care Facility.

Review and restructuring of physiotherapy administration.

January - March 2017:

Protocol for Patients who Cancel or Do Not Attend Outpatient Appointments

District Nursing Modernisation and Workforce Review  -  Older People Services

Centralisation of Administrative Residential / Review of Administration

April - June 2017:

Centralisation of endoscope decontamination

Victoria Pharmaceuticals  -  relocation of assembly and distribution of NI Ambulance Service medicines kits and HSC Trusts Hyperkalaemia Kits from Plenum Buliding RGH site to Knockbracken.

 July - 8 November 2017:

Relocation of RV Health Records Library from L4 RVH to new purpose built location on RVH site (current use as secondary storage)

Isolation policy for patients / clients with suspected or proven transmissible infectious microorganisms

 9 November 2017 to 31 December 2017:

Management of Tuberculosis in BHSCT

Jan - Mar 2018

PARIS Community Information System Implementation

Non medical prescribing policy

April - June 2018

Levels of supervision/observations within learning disability inpatient services