Organ Donation Register


Around 200 people in Northern Ireland are on the transplant waiting list and sadly around 15 people die each year waiting for an organ. Despite support for organ donation being extremely high, just 31% of the population here are on the organ donor register.

To tackle this issue, the Public Health Agency has launched the ‘Speak up and save a life’ organ donation campaign, which is aimed at raising awareness of the issue of organ donation in Northern Ireland.

Organ donation is not something we think about every day, but with a real shortage of organs more donors are desperately needed.

Whether you have signed the NHS Organ Donor Register or not, your family will make the final decision on donating your organs. Knowing you wanted to be an organ donor can ease the burden on your family making that decision if the time comes.

Please take a few minutes to visit  for further information. Read a copy of the PHA news release - Major New Organ Donation Campaign