Exciting new dance initiative is bringing delight to children in Hospital


An exciting new dance initiative brought delight to children, parents and staff at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children last week during a dynamic performance from Maiden Voyage Dance as part of their Hospital Engagement Programme said Jennie McDonald Play Specialist RBHSC. They were doing all kinds of movements on the chairs and one parent commented that “she would just like to be able to stand on the chair…never mind do movements!”

About Maiden Voyage Dance

The performances of Maiden Voyage’s Quartet for 15 Chairs, brings lively interactions to hospitals through dance, giving young people the opportunity to engage with a performance that they might not otherwise be able to see.

The hospital engagement programme hopes to deliver a wide range of other benefits to the children through these dance pieces, including improving mood, lowering stress levels, enhancing the environment of healthcare facilities and encouraging active engagement.

"We hope this hospital engagement programme for young people will have a direct positive impact on patients, their families and hospital staff alike but that it will also have longer term significance in promoting future participation in and appreciation of dance and involvement with the arts as a whole”.

Find out more about Maiden Voyage Dance at http://maidenvoyagedance.com