Good Relations Bi Annual Bulletin


Belfast Trust is delighted to present the second edition of its Good Relation Bi Annual Bulletin dedicated to highlighting to the community we serve and our staff, some of the excellent work carried out by the Trust as part of its Good Relations Strategy: ‘Healthy Relations for a Healthy Future  2012-2015’. 

The concept of a good relations bulletin came as a direct response to feedback from community engagement and research with staff, service users and the community to help inform our strategy. A strong message from the engagement process was your wish to see the important work carried out by the Trust to promote good relations.
This edition features some of the award winning work carried out by our staff with the Roma and Traveller communities and people from Ethnic Minority communities that have become homeless. It also highlights the important ground breaking work our Speech and Language Therapy team are involved in to embrace cultural and lingual diversity.

Also highlighted are events organised by the Trust in June this year to mark Community Relations Week and to acknowledge and formally celebrate the growing cultural diversity amongst our staff and our service users.

Some of you may well have been involved in a series of good relations focus groups throughout the months of October and November in the Trust Well Being and Treatment Centres and some community venues across Belfast. These events were an opportunity for you to tell us what you, as service users, think of the centres and what else we could do to ensure that you find them welcoming and accessible regardless of where they are situated in Belfast.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the bulletin and the great work that is underway to promote good relations in and across the Belfast Trust for staff, service users and their families.

View the bulletin here.

If you would like to provide feedback on the bulletin or would like something included in future editions, we would be keen to hear from you. Please contact: Email:
Telephone: 028 95046636, Text phone: 028 90637406