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Incartus Pony Foundation get some early Christmas cheer

Incartus Pony Foundation got some early Christmas cheer when Roxy the Falabella horse joined the organisation which is based at Burn Equestrian Centre.

Roxy will be assisting children with learning and physical difficulties who attend the free riding lessons and free school holiday camps at the equestrian centre based on Belfast Trust’s Knockbracken site.

During two recent consultations:

  • A Consultation on the Delivery of Learning Disability Day Services for People Living in Belfast
  • A Consultation on the Delivery of Mental Health Day Services for People Living in Belfast.

Belfast Trust has engaged in extensive public consultation over the last 14 weeks from 3rd September to 10th December 2015 on these two proposals regarding the delivery of mental health services and learning disability day services for people living in Belfast.

Money raised for the Fetal Medicine Unit at Royal Victoria Hospital

Many thanks to Claire and Mark Murphy for helping to raise £2552, with the help of the British Legion, for the Fetal Medicine Unit in the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital.

Belfast Trust’s E-Rostering Team were recently awarded Project Team of the Year at the Allocate User Group Conference in Birmingham.

Foster Carers donate pony to help children with disabilities

Belfast Trust foster carers Linda and Sammy Boyle gave some early Christmas cheer to the Incartus Pony Foundation when they gifted Roxy the Falabella horse to the organisation which is based at Burn Equestrian Centre.

Charity Single to benefit Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

A Christmas Charity Single from the Musical ‘Matilda’ featuring former Westlife star, Shane Filan will benefit Children Across Northern Ireland.....we kindly ask you to help us make it reach No.1 in the Irish Charts.

14 months old Eva McCafferty swallowed a button battery..........it eroded her oesophagus.

As more electronic items appear in the modern home and with thoughts turning to Christmas, families with young children are being warned of the dangers of button batteries in a bid to reduce accidental choking and poisoning.

Mullan Mews Celebrates its 10th year Anniversary

Mullan Mews is a Supported Housing scheme specifically designed to meet the needs of people living with dementia. The Scheme was developed in partnership with the Trust and Clanmil Housing Association.

'Tell a loved one' - 2015 Organ Donation Awareness Day

Today (11th December 2015) is Organ donation awareness day which aims to encourage local people to sit down together for a few minutes to discuss their views with their families on organ donation and consider how one donor can save many lives.

Chairmans Awards  Respect and Dignity Category

We continue to feature each of the category winners and runners up of the 2014 to 2015 Chairman’s Awards on the Hub. Today we feature the winner of the Respect and Dignity Category.

Charity Single Featuring Shane Filan to benefit the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

A Christmas Charity Single from the Musical ‘Matilda’ featuring former Westlife star, Shane Filan will benefit Children Across Northern Ireland.....we kindly ask you to help us make it reach No.1 in the Irish Charts.

Christmas in the Cancer Centre!

The Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital is shining brightly this Christmas with the switching on of the Christmas tree and the launch of Friends of the Cancer Centre’s Wish Upon a Star appeal.

World AIDS Day 1 December 2015

World AIDS Day takes place on 1 December every year. To acknowledge World AIDS Day 2015 the Sexual Health Training Team Training team are encouraging staff to wear a Red Ribbon, take a selfie and send it to shealth.team@belfasttrust.hscni.net to demonstrate support for people living with HIV.

New Website for Maternity Services in Belfast

The Belfast Trust has just launched a brand new website for maternity services: http://belfasttrust-maternityservices.hscni.net/

Being Leading Edge Category:

The Leading Edge Category encourages and supports our staff to be innovative and creative in pursuing our purpose. It creates an environment where research and enquiry can flourish. Translate research and innovative ideas into practical improvements for the people who use our services.

Joint Winners

NI Non-heart Beating Cadaveric Renal Transplant Programme and The Impact of Collaborative Working on Organ Donation within the Regional Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Deceased organ donation in the UK has increased by 50% in the last 5 years, mainly through the use of non-heart beating kidney donors. Successful short and long term outcome of these transplants relies on short cold ischaemic times. This programme has aimed to accept as many kidney offers as possible and achieve the shortest cold ischaemic times in the UK.

The Impact of Collaborative Working on Organ Donation within the Regional Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

The objective of this initiative was to ensure a person-centred approach where the choices, benefits and rights of families, who wish to donate their children’s organs to help others after their death will be respected and upheld.

Chairman's Awards 2014 to 2015 Learning and Development Category

Following the recent announcement of the winners of the Belfast Trust's 2014 to 2015 Chairman’s Awards, we continue to feature each of the category winners and runners up on the Website over the next few weeks.

Trust E-Rostering Team awarded Project Team of the year

Belfast Trust's E-Rostering Team win a prestigious project team of the year award at a recent UK-wide conference.

SABR Conference hosted by Belfast Trust

The first British Institute of Radiology SABR conference was hosted by Belfast Trust last week.

Princes Trust

Princes Trust

Recently a group of clients and staff from Enler Day Centre were invited to an evening celebration with the Princess Trust. The invitation was issued as a resulted of the partnership work generated by the George Hackney Project.

Today, 18 November is European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD). This is a European-wide annual event that aims to raise awareness on how to use antibiotics in a responsible way that will help keep them effective for the future.


'Til I Grow Up - Information Evening about Fostering and Adoption

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Adoption and Fostering Service is holding an information evening, on Wednesday 18th November, 7.00pm - 9.00pm at the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast.

 At this event you will be able to talk to experienced social workers, meet people already providing a home for life, learn more about the children and ask as many questions as you need to.

Would you like to come along and learn more?

Call 028 950 40057 or email : DianeN.Wilson@belfasttrust.hscni.net

The 2014/2015 Annual Quality Report is now available

The Annual Quality Report is now available

‘In the pages of this report are many examples of the high quality care and innovation that we are able to deliver,’ commented Chief Executive Dr Michael McBride. ‘I hope the population that we serve will be reassured that all of us in Belfast Trust are committed to doing our best for them – each time and every time’.

Read the Annual Quality Report here


Following the recent announcement of the winners of the 2014 Chairman’s Awards, we will be featuring each of the category winners and runners up on the Hub over the next few weeks.

Today we feature the winner of the Accountability Award : Iveagh Centre – a positive support ethos and environment.

Over the period of March 2014-August 2014, staff in Iveagh recognised the need for change to reduce restrictive practices. The entry submitted by Iveagh Centre charts the journey undertaken by the staff in moving through this process to becoming “an exemplar service” as described by RQIA following an invitation to present at one of their road shows.

At a glittering event last night in Belfast City Hall the winners of the 2015 Chairman's Awards were announced. This year there were over 100 entries, reflecting the exceptional work that is going on across all services in Belfast Trust.

The judging panel had a difficult task of deciding on the winners in each of the five categories that reflect Belfast Trust's values, respect and dignity, openness and trust, being leading edge, learning and development and being accountable. The standard of entry was so high that in the Leading Edge category two entries shared joint first place.

Emergency Exercise taking place at Musgrave Park Hospital

The Belfast Trust works closely with the Emergency Services and other key organisations throughout the year to ensure we have an integrated emergency response plan in the event of a major or business continuity incident.

Chief Executive Dr Michael McBride outlines in this video, why the Belfast Trust are committed to going smoke free in March 2016.

Public Meeting - Consultation on delivery of Mental Health Day Services

A public meeting regarding the Belfast Trust’s current consultation on the delivery of Mental Health Day Services for People Living in Belfast will be held on:

The women and men who nursed both Catholics and Protestants; tended to the police and army; brought gunmen and bombers back to health and dealt with both the injuries of innocent civilians and the perpetrators of the Troubles are the focus of a new documentary for BBC Northern Ireland.

MOVEMBER  Raising awareness of Men's Health

Movember is a worldwide charity that has been raising money and awareness of Men's Health for many years.

This year The Belfast Trust are also introducing a new way to get involved. It’s called MOVE and it’s a month-long commitment to get active throughout Movember. We’re asking people to make 30 MOVEs in 30 days.

Whilst Movember will always be about the moustache, MOVE is a great new way to do something positive about your health and also raising awareness of men’s health.

Daisy on Tour  Staying Safe at Glen Community Centre!

Daisy the safety cow and poster girl for Belfast Trust's successful SAFEtember initiative, has been inundated with invitations, and we hear that one of her favourite spots in recent weeks has been Glen Community Centre where she was asked to endorse the risk assessment system designed and used by the folks who are members of the FOCUS Club. Daisy was ‘honoured and privileged’ to see at first hand some of the safety and risk assessment work being carried out.....and as always, delighted to have her photo taken!!

Daisy on Tour - staying safe at Glen Community Centre!

Daisy the safety cow and poster girl for our successful SAFEtember initiative, has been inundated with invitations, and we hear that one of her favourite spots in recent weeks has been Glen Community Centre where she was asked to endorse the risk assessment system designed and used by the folks who are members of the FOCUS Club. Daisy was ‘honoured and privileged’ to see at first hand some of the safety and risk assessment work being carried out.....and as always, delighted to have her photo taken!!

Palliative Care Week 2015

Palliative Care Week 2015 takes place from 25th to 31st October.

The is an All-Ireland event and is being coordinated by the All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC).

The aim is to raise greater awareness of the many different settings in which palliative care can be provided – depending on each person’s needs and/or preferences.

Permanent Secretary visits Renal Unit

Mr Richard Pengelly, Permanent Secretary, DHSSPSNI, recently visited the Renal Unit based at Belfast City Hospital to congratulate the transplant team on the record five Kidney Transplants which took place recently in less than 24 hours. 

New 1.7m Hospital at Home Service for Older People in Belfast

An innovative new service providing older people with expert medical and social care in their own home was launched recently.

The new Acute Care at Home team involves a range of healthcare professionals working together to help older people manage conditions such as chest infections, urinary tract infections, cellulitis and dehydration without the need for attending the emergency department, or being admitted to hospital.

Leading the World in Cardiac Interventions

​Two Intervention Cardiologists from Belfast Trust, Dr Simon Walsh and Colm Hanratty, broadcasted recently on three Complex Cardiology Interventional procedures live online to the Trans catheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) Conference in San Francisco.

Adoption Week 2015

Adoption Week 2015

The theme of National Adoption Week 2015 is ‘Too Old at Four?’ Older children waiting to be adopted are often likely to be sibling groups or have additional needs and there is currently a shortage of adoptive parents coming forward for these children. Anne from Belfast, an adoptive mother of older children shares her story here.  http://www.adoptionandfostering.hscni.net/news-events/national-adoption-week-2

Sensory Support Team RNIB Glow Run

On Friday 16th October in the spirit of partnership the Sensory Support Team took part in a Glow Run to raise money for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).

Supporting the Traveller Community in addressing the many health inequalities they face

At a recent celebration of Traveller Culture, Dr Michael McBride Chief Executive of the Belfast Trust reiterated the Trusts commitment to supporting the Traveller Community in addressing the many health inequalities they face and to promote equal access to health services.

World Mental Health Day 2015

Today is World Mental Health Day. As part of the run up to this important day Belfast Trust have been working alongside our local partners in the “Change of Mind” group to organise a mental health and emotional wellbeing event which is taking place today in the East Belfast Network Centre. This event will celebrate and showcase how our young people are taking steps to raise awareness and promote mental health amongst the youth in our city.

A Time to Remember

‘Parents, families, friends and staff will remember children who have died within Belfast Trust hospital and community areas at a special service on Sunday, 18 October at 2.30pm, in the Great Hall at Belfast City Hall.

Belfast Trust wins All Ireland Health & Safety Award 2015

Following on from the Belfast Trust's renewed focus during September on Safety and Quality, the Trust are delighted to announce that our Health and Safety team have won the Health Care Provider Award in the NISO (National Irish Safety Organisation) /NISG (Northern Ireland Safety Group) All Ireland Occupational Health & Safety Award.

Record Number of Kidney Transplants at Belfast City Hospital

A record five Kidney Transplants took place in less than 24hrs on Sunday 13 September at Belfast City Hospital.  This record falls just one short of the world record of six transplants in a day, in Texas in 2013, and equals the UK record of transplants performed in a single unit on a single day. A team of 14 doctors, 20 nurses and 3 scientists were critical to this effort, notably several of the operating theatre nurses came into work on their day off.

Annual Fostering Achievement Awards

Children and young people from across the Belfast Trust area who are in foster care received awards for achievements in all aspects of life including academic, musical, sporting and social accomplishments.

7 Days to say Yes I Donate!

​In Belfast Trust this year over 70 patients have benefited from a Kidney Transplant, however there are still almost 200 people on the waiting list. None of these transplants are possible without the gift of donation. 

So why not take the opportunity during this Transplant Week to say Yes I Donate!

  1. A Consultation and Equality Impact Assessment on the Delivery of Learning Disability Day Services for People Living in Belfast
  2. A Consultation and Equality Impact Assessment on the Delivery of Mental Health Day Services for People Living in Belfast

Belfast Trust’s Annual Report 2014/15 is now available on the Trusts Website.

Commenting on the document Trust Chairman Peter McNaney praised staffs commitment to put patients at the centre of their work. ‘It has been my privilege to get an insight to the care, professionalism and compassion of the staff in Belfast Trust.

This September we are running a new campaign in our Trust called SAFEtember which encourage all our staff working across the Belfast Trust to have renewed focus on the safety and quality of all our services.

New Emergency Department - RVH

The new Emergency Department at the Royal Victoria Hospital opens today, 19 August 2015 at 8.00am and will provide emergency care to the population of Belfast and beyond. As part of the development of the Critical Care Building, the Emergency Department will be the first department to become operational. It will continue to be the Regional Trauma Centre of Northern Ireland.

Emergency Department (ED) Move

The current Emergency Department at Royal Victoria Hospital site will move to the new Critical Care Building, Johnston Road at 8.00 am on Wednesday 19 August 2015.

Join HSC LGB&T Staff Forum at the Belfast Pride Parade

The HSC LGB&T Staff Forum invites you to join them at the Belfast Pride parade on Saturday August 1st. This year Belfast Pride celebrates 25 years and in that time there have been many positive changes for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people.

Footage from the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast in 1938

Recognise anyone?

From diagnosis to treatment, this curious film (from the Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive) allows us to see the everyday life of the #BelfastTrust hospital and provides a glimpse into what was, at the time, the height of medical science.

(Images courtesy of The British Film Industry - BFI National Archive)

Temporary gate closure at Donegall Road entrance to BCH

The vehicle and pedestrian gates adjacent to the multi-storey car park on the Donegall Road will be closed from 7:00 pm on Friday 10th July until 6:30 am Tuesday 14th July 2015. The opening hours of the other Donegall Road entrance beside the railway halt remains unchanged.

Should anyone have any queries contact BCH Security Control on (028) 950 42000.

The Way I See it! June 2015

Change in health and social care has always been with us. As Bevin said at the foundation of the new NHS in 1948 "We shall never have all we need. Expectation will always exceed capacity... the service must always be changing, growing and improving; it must always appear to be inadequate".  In that respect little has changed yet much has changed and I see it every day in every service across the Trust.

Fun Summer Events for Children who use Wheelchairs

The Regional Wheelchair Training Programme for Northern Ireland in partnership with Go-Kids-Go and Disability Sports NI will be offering free Wheelchair skills and sports opportunities in August 2015. These opportunities are open to children under 18 years old who use either a self-propelling or powered wheelchair.

A Public Consultation Meeting on the Development of A Supported Housing Scheme for People with Dementia will be held on Thursday 2 July 2015 at 2.00pm.

The meeting will be held at Grosvenor Community Centre, 162 Grosvenor Road BELFAST, BT12 5AU

Tall Ships from across the globe will anchor in Belfast for the start of The Tall Ships Races from 2 to 5 July 2015.

Information for Patients and Visitors

It is business as usual for Belfast Trust during this period. However, there will be traffic disruptions in Belfast during the course of the visit of the Tall Ships. The Trust is advising patients who have appointments on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 July 2105 and visitors to the hospital to allow plenty of time for their journey during the course of the Tall Ships Race.

For more information and to keep up to date please go to http://trafficwatchni.com/home 

Leading Doctor hits the right notes for Friends of the Cancer Centre

One of Northern Ireland’s leading oncologists is swapping his stethoscope for a guitar, all to raise funds for local cancer charity Friends of the Cancer Centre.

£ for LB Challenge - Let's Celebrate

Belfast Trust joined 29 organisations in Northern Ireland in the '£ for lb Challenge' in partnership with Business in the Community.

Belfast Trust is seeking your views on proposed changes in how we look after people with dementia in west Belfast. The Trust is proposing to develop a new supported housing scheme for people living with dementia which will be located on the former site of Grovetree House.

Mater Hospital Book Launch

The launch of the publication of The Mater - The Story of a Belfast teaching Hospital and its Community, was held recently in the atrium of the Mater with over 200 people attending, with past or present links to the hospital or with an interest in its contribution to the life of the city.

Launch of the HSC Bereavement Network Website

The new Health and Social Care (HSC) Bereavement Network website for those who care for and support dying people and their loved ones, was launched recently at Stormont by Health Minister, Simon Hamilton.

Belfast Trust foster carers win Lifetime Achievement Award

Belfast HSC Trust Foster Carers Billy and Mandy Johnston have been awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award in the annual Foster Carer of the Year Awards which took place at the Titanic Centre on Friday 5 June.

Volunteer Event 2015

A special event was held at Belfast City Hall to celebrate and acknowledge the many volunteers who offer up their time, energy and commitment to volunteering.

Carers Week 8th - 14th June 2015

The focus this year is Building Carer Friendly Communities. 

Family fun as BHSC Trust foster carers celebrate Foster Care Fortnight

Belfast Trust Fostering Service has marked the launch of Foster Care Fortnight (1 – 14 June) with a family fun day for its foster carers and fostering families.

Nursing Jobs Fair : Saturday 6 June 2015

One Stop Shop Recruitment Fair - 250 Nursing Jobs

An opportunity for you to kick start or develop your nursing career could be available at Belfast Trust.

The Trust is hosting a Nursing Jobs Fair on Saturday 6 June 2015 in the Education Centre, Elliott Dynes Building, The Royal Hospitals from 10am to 3pm. We are encouraging all nurses to come along to speak to nurses, senior nurses and managers about vacancies in areas throughout the Trust.

Health Minister visits Cancer Centre and Hemsworth Court

Last week during a visit to Belfast Trust Health Minister Simon Hamilton took the opportunity to make a keynote address outlining his vision for the future provision of health and social care in Northern Ireland. “A growing and ageing population, a rise in chronic conditions, unhealthy lifestyles, technological advances and scarce resources is a heady cocktail that no health service has truly got to grips with yet. The challenge can sometimes seem insurmountable. Yet, in spite of the difficulties we face, I remain optimistic about the future of health and social care in Northern Ireland."

Dying Matters Awareness Week 18-24 May 2015 Talk! Plan! Live!

Talking about death doesn't bring death closer. It's about planning for life.

Belfast Trust is supporting Dying Matters Awareness Week again this year. The aim of this week is to get people talking about dying, death and bereavement and making plans for their end of life.

From April 2015 to September 2015 the Trust will be going through a phased changeover to a new recruitment Shared Service Centre (with the exception of Medical/Dental and Senior Executive Recruitment).

We will advertise posts on both the current www.hscrecruit.com website and the new http://v2.hscrecruit.com website until Recruitment has fully moved to the Recruitment Shared Service Centre in September.

New art piece on Ward 3A of the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre

The unveiling of the new art pieces took place recently at the Cancer Centre Belfast City Hospital.

Mr Brian Barry Director of Specialist Hospitals and Women’s Health recently launched the Trusts support DVD for Romanian Roma on how to access health services in Northern Ireland.

Landmarks of Home

Landmarks of Home

A kind welcome was provided by the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Arder Carson, to the ‘Landmarks of Home’ Art Feature at Belfast City Hall.

Inspired by the Northern Irish landscape, this textile piece was conceived by Arts Care Artists at the Belfast Trust, Musgrave Park Hospital.

Vulval Cancer Health and Wellbeing Event at Belfast Trust

As part of the Transforming Gynae Oncology Pathways Project, a greater focus is being placed on the Health and Wellbeing of Gynae Cancer Survivors.

To this end a Vulval Cancer Health and Wellbeing Event was held on the 29th April at Belfast City Hospital, to focus on the needs of patients after diagnosis and treatment for vulval cancer. The event was held to coincide with April being Vulval Cancer awareness month.

Reopening of refurbished Physio Gym at Regional Disablement Services

The Gym at the Regional Prosthetic Service in Musgrave Park Hospital Regional was “re-opened” today (Tuesday 28 April 2015) by Professor James Nixon, Chair of the MITRE Committee.

Vomiting Virus


There has been an increase in vomiting and diarrhoea (Noro virus) among a number of patients at Belfast City Hospital. Vomiting and diarrhoea, while contagious, normally passes within 48 hours.

Shannon Clinic celebrates 10th Anniversary

Shannon Clinic is the regional medium secure unit for Northern Ireland and provides 34 medium secure beds for adults with mental illness who require treatment in medium secure conditions.

Inclusive Communication Event helps to Give Voice

Over 200 service users, carers and staff gathered to celebrate ‘Inclusive Communication’ at a recent event in Belfast. The event aimed to highlight to individuals with learning disabilities, speech, language and communication needs; as well as their carers and staff how ‘Inclusive Communication’ can help to achieve successful outcomes towards independence and community participation.

International Roma Day Celebration

Dr Michael McBride Chief Executive spoke at the International Roma Day Celebration on 18 April 2015.

Northern Ireland New Entrant Service (NINES) is awarded Team of the Year

The Northern Ireland New Entrant Service (NINES) based at the Trust's Maureen Sheehan Centre, have been awarded the Community Practitioner Team of the Year at the recent Community Practitioner Health Visiting Association (CPHVA) Awards 2015.

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is co-funding a new project to provide additional benefits advice to people with cystic fibrosis in Northern Ireland. The project is funded in collaboration with Belfast Health & Social Care Trust Charitable Trust Funds and it will launch on 1 April 2015 to enable Citizens Advice Belfast to provide 4 hours a week of specialist advice for cystic fibrosis patients and their families and carers over the phone, via Skype/Facetime, or face-to-face. 

First Medical Student Debate

The Trust is delighted to congratulate Belfast Royal Academy (BRA) as winners of the Medical Student Debate Final held at Elliott Dynes Education Centre at RVH on Friday 27 March 2015.

Minister Storey and Minister Wells Officially Open Hemsworth Court

Hemsworth Court, on the Shankill Road, was officially opened by the Social Development Minister, Mervyn Storey MLA, and the Health Minister, Jim Wells MLA.

Extensive planning is currently underway to keep disruption to patients and clients at a minimum during the planned public sector strike on Friday.

HSC Change Day!

HSC Change Day!

Today is HSC Change Day, the day to pledge to make a difference to health and social care!

Social Work Awards 2015

Congratulations to Marie Claire Quinn, Social Worker in Mental Health Services who won the Newly Qualified Social Worker Award at the recent Social Work Award ceremony held in Belfast City Hall.

The cream of Northern Ireland’s healthcare industry took a bow last Thursday night as the sixteenth annual Northern Ireland Healthcare Awards took place at the Europa Hotel in Belfast.

The Awards ceremony gave the Province’s healthcare professionals the opportunity to highlight their own work and to receive the accolades of their peers.

Among those receiving awards this year was Professor Ian Young, Professor of Medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast and Director of the Centre for Public Health, one of four research centres within the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences.

Consultation Announcement

The Health and Social Care Board is engaged in a public consultation on the future arrangements for the implementation of Self Directed Support for Northern Ireland.

Recognising the contribution of Dementia Carers Staff and Volunteers in NI

At the recent Northern Ireland Dementia Services Development Centre (NI DSDC) awards held in the Europa Hotel Mullan Mews and Sydenham Court were awarded first prize in the Dementia and the Arts category.

Tenants at Hemsworth Court celebrated the launch of Northern Irelands very first Social Sofa

Tenants at Hemsworth Court celebrated the launch of Northern Ireland’s very first Social Sofa. Trust Chairman Peter McNaney launched the event with the Lord Mayor, Councillor Nichola Mallon officially unveiling the Social Sofa, marking the completion of a 10 month artistic journey.

The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust has been asked to coordinate a process to secure the delivery of a range of appropriate family support services on behalf of the Belfast Outcomes Group for the period 1 May 2015 – 31 March 2016 (with a potential extension period of up to 24 months)

When:     Thursday, 26th February 2015
Time:       9.30am
Where:    Balmoral Hotel Blacks Road Dunmurry Belfast BT10 0NF

February sees the days beginning to stretch and is often the month when, if we look closely enough, signs of winter begin to abate.

This is Belfast Trust, our experience is your experience let's make it a good one.

Consultation: Proposed Outline Procurement Model for Domiciliary Care Services for 2015/16

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is committed to delivering domiciliary care services of the highest possible quality to our Service Users.

National Advanced Cardiovascular Interventional Meeting

On Wednesday 21 January 2015 staff from the Trust were involved in the “Live Cases” transmission to the prestigious National Advanced Cardiovascular Interventional meeting in London.

Gearing Up for HSC Change Day

What’s it all about?

HSC Change Day is a nationwide initiative aimed at encouraging HSC staff to pledge to do something. Everyone connected to health and social care services in Northern Ireland - social workers, allied health professionals, nurses, doctors, students, pharmacists, managers, patients, dentists, and members of the public - can make a pledge to change for the better.

Donaldson Report


Donaldson Review - Examines the Governance Arrangments for ensuring quality of health and social care provisions in Northern Ireland.  Read more on  www.dhsspsni.gov.uk/ldreport270115.htm

Health Minister Jim Wells has published Sir Liam Donaldson’s report which examines the governance arrangements for ensuring the quality of health and social care provision in Northern Ireland.

To help improve your emotional wellbeing every day, the Belfast Strategic Partnership’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Group (MHWBG) are continuing to run the ‘Take 5’ advertising campaign, to encourage you to ‘Take 5’ simple activities to improve your mental health every day.

All Health and Social Care organisations are required by legislation to involve patients, service users, carers and the wider public. High quality engagement and involvement can have a positive impact on the delivery of services, and effective involvement is central to the delivery of quality care.

New Service will benefit Adults with Autism

A new information and signposting service that covers a wide range of information needs for adults with autism was launched today by Health Minister Jim Wells.

Cancer Services Workshop

Belfast Trust Cancer Services Workshop - Building on Clinical Excellence

Health Minister praises dedication and contribution of staff at Mater Hospital

Minister Wells was accompanied by local MP, Nigel Dodds. During the visit to the Emergency Department, the Minister said: "Our emergency services face pressure all through the year but they come under particular pressures during the winter months. This has been an exceptionally busy time and I would like to commend all staff who are working hard to ease the pressures on our Emergency Departments.

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety is seeking to appoint seven non-executive directors to the Belfast HSC Trust (BHSCT):- one with specific financial experience; one representative of Queen’s University Belfast (QUB); and one representative of the Mater Hospital Trustees.

Could you Foster?

Could you Foster?

Brighten up a child's world this year

Belfast Trust Fostering Service is holding a series of sessions for those who are interested in fostering or simply finding out more about fostering in general.

Belfast Trust Leading the Way

The Belfast Trust is leading the way in Northern Ireland with the appointment of two Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Olivia Wilson and Kelly Doherty who are based at the Royal site Adult Emergency Department.

'The Way I See It'....

Monthly update from Chief Executive, Dr Michael McBride

‘Just three weeks have passed since my last message in December, and what a three weeks it has been!

The Belfast Strategic Partnership’s (BSP) Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Thematic Group launched a Take 5 campaign across Belfast today.

Regretfully, Belfast Trust has postponed a number of planned surgeries to help us alleviate pressures on our overall hospital system. We recognise this will cause frustration among some patients and for that we are very sorry. Belfast Trust staff will contact anyone whose surgery is being postponed and we will rebook it as quickly as we can.

Jog Belfast in partnership with Active Belfast, is hosting a free, fun 10 week physical activity programme for beginners, starting in January across Belfast.

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