SAFEtember - Renewed focus on the safety and quality of all our services


This September we are running a new campaign in our Trust called SAFEtember which encourage all our staff working across the Belfast Trust to have renewed focus on the safety and quality of all our services.

Through a series of events and initiatives, the Trust will be promoting Safety and Quality Improvement. These include:

  • Talks by Inspirational Speakers
  • Patient and Staff Listening Days
  • Poster Zones located across the Trust where you can display posters of your improvement work

Daisy – the Face of SAFEtember

You will find DAISY standing in the foyer of the Children’s hospital. A life-size pink cow, she became the mascot of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Multidisciplinary Team (MDT Safety Brief in 2014.

Having this simple and fun approach ensured early staff buy-in. “Daisy” our quality improvement mascot has helped to engage staff and significantly contribute to the success of the PICU safety brief. A MDT safety brief now also occurs in other clinical areas in the Children's Hospital.

Building on this success Daisy has now become a brand associated with the patient safety movement in Belfast Trust, and she is delighted to endorse BHSCT SAFEtember Initiative 2015.