World Mental Health Day 2015


Today is World Mental Health Day. As part of the run up to this important day Belfast Trust have been working alongside our local partners in the “Change of Mind” group to organise a mental health and emotional wellbeing event which is taking place today in the East Belfast Network Centre. This event will celebrate and showcase how our young people are taking steps to raise awareness and promote mental health amongst the youth in our city.

Focus on Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Already, there has been a number of events held this week to highlight the work we our involved in alongside our community, voluntary and statutory partners to celebrate this important day. Events such as the Lord Mayor’s Take 5 Interactive Event in the Belfast City Hall and the East Belfast Take 5 event all reached out to people across our city and focused on steps we can all take to improve our emotional health and wellbeing.

Support the DOT Campaign

​This year, we are supporting, AWARE's DOT campaign which encouraging people to Do One Thing! They currently don’t do to try and improve their mental health.

DOT: Exercise
Exercise is proven to be beneficial to your mental health. You don’t have to join a fancy gym, take advantage of the great outdoors and go for a walk during your lunch break in work or after your dinner. Introducing even a small amount of exercise everyday can have a very positive effect on your emotional health and well-being.

DOT: Talk about your feelings
Talking about your feelings is important for your mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes life can be tough and you may feel like you are carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders. Never feel like you are alone, there are plenty of people willing to listen. Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness and its never an easy thing to do, but by talking to a friend or family member you are starting a very important conversation, and they may even discuss how they are feeling too. Don’t forget you can also ring our helpline on 08451 20 29 61 on Monday to Friday between 9am – 1pm.

DOT: Keep in touch
Quite often when people are feeling low or depressed they will cut ties with the people around them. Unfortunately, a lot of the time this can be the people they are closest to like family members and close friends. Why not take time this week to get in touch with someone and meet them for a coffee or for dinner? The saying is often true, “laughter is the best form of medicine.”

DOT: Do something you’re good at  
It is important to make time for yourself and to do something you enjoy. If you have given up a hobby due to depression or perhaps stopped doing something you used to enjoy, try to take that hobby up again. Or maybe you have been thinking about starting something new? Either way, by making some time for yourself, you are helping yourself.

DOT: Eating well
A healthy diet is good for mind and body. If you are currently taking too much caffeine or sugar, why not cut down to see if it has any proven effects on how you feel. You may find by introducing more fruit or veg and cutting out the ‘bad foods’ you might have more energy.

Find out more: Aware WMHD 15 Do One Thing.pdfAware WMHD 15 Do One Thing.pdf