Emergency Exercise taking place at Musgrave Park Hospital


The Belfast Trust works closely with the Emergency Services and other key organisations throughout the year to ensure we have an integrated emergency response plan in the event of a major or business continuity incident.

It is a requirement of the Belfast Trust that a live exercise is run every three years, focused on a particular part of the major incident plan.


On Sunday 8th November from 9.30am to 12 Midday, wards 3B and 5A (Withers MPH) will be testing their evacuation and business continuity plans. Participating staff from the following areas and organisations will be fully engaged in the event:



  • Wards 5A and 3B MPH
  • Security PCSS
  •  NI Fire and Rescue Service
  • NI Ambulance Service
  • Volunteer students from Queens University Belfast

Staff in all other wards in Withers are not directly involved in the live exercise and will be participating as a paper exercise only.

Steps have been taken to ensure that this event will not impact on normal service delivery and patient care