Carers Rights Day- Friday 20th of November


Having the right information at the right time can make a huge difference when you are caring for someone. Carers Rights Day aims to help Carers find out about their rights and where they can go for help and support in their local community. Caring can bring many challenges, and the Belfast Trust wants every Carer in the Trust area to have access to the advice, information and support they need. For information on your rights and Carer support please click on the following link:

You can also contact one of the Trust Carer Co-ordinators:

If you care for an adult or child who has one of the following conditions: Physical, Sensory, Learning Disability, please contact:

Lynne Calvert, Carer Co-ordinator
Grove Wellbeing, 120 York Road,
Belfast, BT15 3HF
Tel: 028 95046108

If you care for an older person or someone with mental health support needs please contact:

Margaret McDonald, Carer Co-ordinator
Arches Health & Wellbeing Centre, 1 Westminster Avenue North,
Belfast BT4 1NS
Tel: 028 95046702