Princes Trust


Recently a group of clients and staff from Enler Day Centre were invited to an evening celebration with the Princess Trust. The invitation was issued as a resulted of the partnership work generated by the George Hackney Project.

George Hackney Project

Earlier in the year, clients and staff visited the Ulster Museum where they saw an exhibition of World War 1 photographs and diaries by local man George Hackney. With their interest stimulated, the group went on to visit Belfast Central Library to learn more about this period of history and share in a cross community morning.

In tandem with these visits, our clients at Enler were working with the Princes Trust on a courtyard garden project at the centre. As part of this project, the garden would be decorated with colourful mosaics. Staff had discussed with The Princess Trust ideas of scenes for the mosaics and came up with ideas as depicted by George Hackney. The Princes Trust drew the scenes and supplied the tiles, with staff and clients in the centre working alongside them.

About George Hackney

George Hackney was a local soldier who served in the 1st World War, He was a keen photographer who lived less than a mile from Enler Day Centre. Although photography was banned from the Western Front he managed to smuggle his own camera into the trenches. When he died in 1977, he donated his photographs and diaries to the Ulster Museum.