New workshops for Dementia Carers


Do you work with, or have personal family and friends who support someone diagnosed with dementia?

If so you may be interested in a new Carer Information and Support Programme in Belfast for families affected by dementia (CrISP). We are partnering with the Alzheimer society to fund a service which offers 5 bespoke workshops to help support dementia carers to feel more able and knowledgeable in managing the illness.

About the Workshops

  • Week 1 - Welcome session - Get people talking to each other about their experience so far with regards to dementia
  • Week 2 – Dementia Overview – What does it mean to have a Dementia Diagnosis, Break down some of the myths
  • Week 3 – Legal and Financial – EPA, controllership, mental capacity. What does it all mean and how do they find where they stand legally?
  • Week 4 – Providing Support and Care – What does the world look like for someone with dementia? How is it different and how does this affect the care they provide?
  • Week 5 – Coping Day to Day – How is the family and friends going to cope with the diagnosis? What services are available to help?

How to refer to this service

If you are interested in this service, please contact Danny Wilson with your name and contact number and he will be able to send you more information.