The Trust Values

Belfast Trust Values underpin everything we do – how we work with each other and deliver our service. Our values define the overall culture of our organisation and ultimately support our commitment to provide safe, effective, compassionate and person centred care.

Belfast Trust values describe the character of our Trust and our aspirations going forward, the aim is for staff to be familiar with the values, embed these values in everything we do and be committed to “living these values”.  These values are:

Treating everyone with respect and dignity:

  • Being respectful to others
  • Showing compassion to those who are suffering
  • Acting fairly and even-handedly
  • Acknowledging the good work of others
  • Supporting others to achieve positive results



Displaying openness and trust

  • Communicating openly and consistently
  • Listening to the opinions of others and acting sensitively
  • Being trustworthy and genuine
  • Ensuring that appropriate information is shared honestly



Being leading edge

  • Actively seeking out innovative practice
  • Participating in new approaches and service development opportunities
  • Sharing best practice with others
  • Promoting the Trust as a centre of excellence



Maximising learning and development

  • Acting as a role model for the development of others
  • Continuing to challenge my own practice
  • Fulfilling my own statutory and mandatory training requirements
  • Actively support the development of others



Being accountable

  • Taking responsibility for my own decisions and actions
  • Openly admitting my mistakes and learning from them
  • Using all available resources appropriately
  • Challenging failures and poor practice courageously.