Anne Brannigan receives much deserved Meritoroius Award


Congratulations to Management of Aggression Team member Anne Brannigan who has received international recognition by receiving a meritorious award from Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) - an international training organisation. Anne has joined a very select group; out of 1700 MAPA® instructors registered throughout the whole of Europe, only seven have been awarded this status.

The Meritoroius Award is given in recognition of the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment that a person has shown in spreading the word about MAPA®, and how it can be used to support both staff and service users.

About Anne

Anne’s background from 1987 – 2000 was in Mental Health Nursing, Learning Disability and Acquired Brain Injury services. During this time she developed a special interest in managing patients who displayed aggressive behaviour or resisted essential treatment or care. Anne completed numerous courses pertaining to this area including studying Forensic Health Sciences at The University of Ulster.

Anne took up a post in the Management of Aggression Team in July 2000 and has continued to work closely with the Crisis Prevention institute (CPI) who own the MAPA model, to alter and adapt in line with service need and current up to date research.

About the Management of Aggression Team

The team has expanded over the years with seven clinically based associate trainers who have specialist skills with 17 years experience in this area.

The team provides a multi-level, generic training which aims to provide solutions for staff, managers and clients from a variety of disciplines. This training is service focused and patient centred rooted in evidence based practice. The team work to the standards set out by MAPA, BILD (British Institute for Learning Disability) and other relevant bodies/organisations.