Arts Care Win to benefit patients in Childrens Hospital


Congratulations to Arts Care on bagging the top prize at this year’s prestigious Allianz Arts & Business Awards 2016 held recently in the Grand Opera House, Belfast.

The great news is that Belfast Trust will also be a winner, as Arts Care will be using their £3000 prize fund to develop the proposed Arts Care Cartwheel 999 Regional Art Gallery at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. This will be the first dedicated art gallery in Northern Ireland for sick and vulnerable children and young people.

The new gallery, due to open in March 2016, will run along the corridor alongside the new MRI Scanner Suite and will be lit day and night for those passing through the corridor to stop and view the children’s art work.

The ‘Voice’ of the young person

The children and young people, many with life limiting conditions, will create the art work for the gallery through participation in the Arts Care art workshops when they are in hospital, respite care or visiting clinics.

Arts Care was named Arts and Business Arts Organisation for 2016, recognising the breadth of their programme of activity and in particular their Cartwheel999 programme for children and young people.

The gallery will provide a creative space through which the ‘voice’ of the young person can be heard and also the artwork will create a much valued legacy for the children, young people and their families. We hope this will help reduce levels of stress in families of the sick children and healthcare staff as they go about their daily work.

Working together with Arts Care

Plans for the gallery are progressing well. A special thanks to the Estates Department, together with healthcare staff and managers from the Children’s hospital for their involvement and enthusiasm in this project.

About Arts Care

Arts Care, a unique Arts and Health Charity based in Northern Ireland was founded in 1991. In partnership with Health and Social Care Trusts throughout Northern Ireland, Arts Care engages 19 Artists-in-Residence, a team of Northern Ireland ClownDoctors and many project artists who facilitate and co-ordinate participatory workshops and performances. Believing in the benefits of creativity to well-being, Arts Care makes all forms of art accessible to patients, clients, residents and staff in health and social care settings.

Arts Care will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2016/2017. It is significant to get business partnerships to support Arts Care’s developing work throughout all the Health and Social Care Trust areas.