Welcome and Information for New Staff


"Hello my name is Dr Michael McBride. I’m the Chief Executive here at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. It is my real pleasure to welcome you to the Trust, and to welcome you on board as part of the team. Our aim is to put patients and clients first every time, and in so doing to ensure we provide the best possible quality of care and experience of that care that we can possibly do".

"Everyone in this organisation, irrespective of what they do, what role they play, has huge and important part whether it’s in terms of carrying out high end surgery, whether it’s providing support to our older people at home in the community, whether its providing mental health services to those in times of need or whether it’s those who keep the light on and the wheels turning. Because you are important. And in putting you first, we will ensure that we are putting patients and clients first".

Trust Values

Belfast HSC Trust values were developed through extensive engagement with patients, clients and staff. These values are important and reflect the principles by which we should work, guiding our attitudes and behaviour, the decisions that we make and what we expect of one another. We are committed to “living our values” and are recognisable as employees of the BHSCT irrespective of the circumstances in our individual displays of the behaviours which are identified here.

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Information you will find in this Welcome Section

Once you start your new job you will find lots of information for new staff on our intranet hub but until then we wanted to help you get prepared and find your feet by providing you with some early information on this welcome and information site.