Corporate Welcome and Induction

Induction is an important organisational tool which helps to ensure that staff have an effective introduction to Belfast Health & Social Care Trust and to their role. Induction creates a positive relationship between you and the organisation and it aims at supporting you in making an effective contribution at an early opportunity.

This programme is a mandatory half day, bi-monthly, corporate induction event for newly appointed staff to meet the Chief Executive and to gain an understanding of current organisational priorities. During the half day, participants will hear directly from various senior managers who are responsible for the day to day delivery of key services to our patients and clients. Participants will also be informed of ways that the Belfast Trust seeks to be a good employer and a range of the facilities that are available to every member of staff in the Trust.

Staff will receive a personal letter of invitation from the Human Resource department within four months of commencing post.

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When will I have my local induction?

All new staff must complete a structured local induction within their ward/department on commencement of post.

Local induction will normally begin on your first day and you will complete the activities in the induction checklist.

You can access a copy of the induction policy and induction checklist on the HUB when you commence employment.