Uniforms Dress Code and ID Cards


Regardless of which site you work on, Nursing staff will need to obtain a uniform requisition from the Ward Sister of the ward they are starting work on and bring it to the sewing room on Belfast City Hospital site. To arrange a fitting please contact the sewing room in BCH on Telephone number – (028) 950 40665.

All other staff who wear a uniform should approach their line manager for approval/information on how to obtain one.

Dress Code

A code of dress projects a positive image and, while it recognises the diversity of cultures, religions and disabilities of Trust staff, it gives priority to those issues which promote health and safety, security and infection control.

There is a standard dress code policy for all Trust staff regardless of whether or not a uniform is worn.

The dress code policy applies to all BHSCT staff, employed by, or contracted on behalf of BHSCT, including students and others on placement in Trust facilities.

It is the responsibility of all Trust employees to adhere to this policy.

ID Cards

Important information regarding ID cards – Getting an ID Badge is one of the first things you should do when you commence employment with the Trust. You will find the necessary forms and details of where to go on the Welcome and Information for New Staff site on the HUB.