Travelling to Work and Car Parking

Belfast Trust is keen to reduce its carbon foot print and encourages staff to travel to work by alternative means than on their own by car. The Translink Journey Planner also enables you to plan your journey from home to work.

Public Transport

Belfast Trust Staff can also save money by travelling on public transport to work!

Travelling by Bus

Trust staff could save up to 31% on the cost of annual bus travel. Joining Translink’s Taxsmart Scheme - also known as the Bus Saver Scheme - allows you to save money on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions by paying for your annual bus travel, directly from your salary.

Travelling by Train

The Train Saver Scheme allows Belfast Health & Social Care Trust to purchase a Translink smartcard on behalf of staff, facilitating weekly/monthly payments. This smartcard allows annual travel on train services within Northern Ireland for the journey(s) you have chosen. As an extra benefit you also get unlimited travel at weekends on the Translink bus and train network within Northern Ireland. 

Park & Ride to work

Details for Translink Park & Ride can be found at the link Translink Park and Ride

Cycle to Work

In an attempt to combat pollution and to encourage a healthier lifestyle the Trust has a Cycle to Work scheme in operation. The scheme enables staff to sacrifice part of their salary with savings of up to 42% in return for a brand new bike and safety accessories to be used for cycling to work. The scheme currently has over 2000 members and is continually growing.

To further enhance the benefits for staff cycling to work, Belfast Trust has teamed up with Halfords to bring you cycle2work. From 2nd April 2013 Halfords have administered the Trust's Cycle to Work Scheme allowing us to free up resources to promote and administer other travelling to work initiatives focused on sustainable travel.

Car Share

Sharing a car allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst saving money and alleviating the associated problems of congestion and pollution.

Belfast Trust has a Car Share website which can help you by:

  • Saving you money - drivers and passengers split the travel costs
  • Cutting your CO2 emissions and local congestion
  • Providing some friendly company to reduce the stress of driving alone
  • Finding you a lift if you don’t have access to convenient public transport.

Car Parking

How can I get a car parking pass?

Car parking on our acute sites is extremely limited for both staff and visitors so please use alternative transport if possible.

Once you start working with us you will be able to apply for a staff car park pass to one of the staff car parks but due to limited availability it is likely that you will be added to a waiting list.

Services outside the acute setting – contact should be made with the facility manager regarding access to individual car parks

You will find more information on different travel options available to you on the HUB.