Sensory Support Team signs partnership with NIFRS


The Sensory Support Team support individuals in the community who have a sight or hearing loss. On Monday 15th February 2016, Aidan Best, Senior Social Worker for the Sensory Support Team signed a Partnership Agreement with Geoff Summerville, Group Commander from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service. The Team often works in partnership with the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) to support vulnerable individuals and to ensure smoke alarms and specialist equipment are in place when required.

The NIFRS is committed to protecting all members of society in Northern Ireland from the dangers associated with fire. By developing partnership working, the NIFRS believe that this is the bedrock for their Community Prevention Strategy. The NIFRS state that they fully recognize that a referral by a partnership agency is the best way for NIFRS to identify the most vulnerable in the community.

To assist the NIFRS in achieving this aim and to strengthen our relationship, we agreed and signed a Partnership Agreement. This will enable better communication between organisations when making referrals and when supporting our service users. The agreement will be of mutual benefit for both organisations and we look forward to better working relations in the future.