Openness and Trust Category

Openness and Trust Category

The Openness and Trust Catergory ensures processes are in place for two-way communication with users, staff and the public, to be open and transparent in decision­making and communication, build a reputation for being trustworthy. To improve level of knowledge, understanding and competencies of Nursing Home staff to enhance the quality of end of life care for Nursing Home residents. Provide timely, accessible and appropriate information to support choice for people who use our services. Keeping people informed.

Pictured are the winners of the Openness and Trust Category - Assuring Quality End of Life Care for Residents in Nursing homes.


Runners Up in the Openness and Trust Category ​

OpenessandTrust2ndplace.jpg2nd Place - Safe treatment in the RBHSC ED - as easy as ABC

The Emergency Department in Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children Emergency Department provides high quality care to approximately 35000 children aged between 0 and 14 years. The Emergency Department team provides high quality, evidence based care. Our department consistently achieves the highest percentage of patients seen and treated within 4 hours. We have robust safety netting procedures in the department to provide assurance to parents and carers that their children are receiving the highest quality care. ​


3rd Place - Relief of Dental Pain Clinic, Out of Hours Service



Listening + Learning = Change + Efficiency Changes to service provision after on-going consultation with service users and staff groups to provide a more efficient and effective service for patients in the Relief of Dental Pain Clinic.