World Autism Awareness Week 2016


World Autism Awareness Week was held during 2nd to 8th April 2016.

As part of this celebration Belfast Trust held an Adult ASD Family Workshop on Wednesday 6th April 2016 at Riddel Hall, Stranmillis. Parents, Carers, Siblings and Individuals (16 years plus who had autism) were all welcomed.

The day was opened by Rodney Morton, HSC. A wide range of speakers gave insight into the challenges for families in navigating life transitions; the experience and impact of receiving a diagnosis as an adult; and reflections on being a parent who has autism. The workshop was also an opportunity to get the views of family members on the priorities which that would help them feel supported.

The workshop was also an opportunity to showcase art work from a local social forum. The group of young adults based at The Hive’ on the Grosvenor Road are trying to raise awareness about autism and living with autism. They had the novel idea of a comic book to get their message across and have received training and support to create a Fandom Comic Book. Artwork of 3 of the characters was on display and was much admired by everyone.