Gran Fondo Giro DItalia- Sunday 5th June 2016


The purpose of this document is to provide Directorates and staff with information in relation to location of planned road closures on Sunday 5th June 2016 for the duration of the Gran Fondo Giro D'Italia and to assist staff in the development of contingency plans for service continuity where required. It is not intended for service users.

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What is the Gran Fondo?

On Sunday 5th of June 2016 Northern Ireland will be hosting its first Gran Fondo. This is a one day amateur cycling event and the organising team have been working with the PSNI, road service and local councils in recent weeks to make this a safe and successful event for all those involved along with taking in considerations for the local communities which are affected by the extensive road closures. With this in mind the event planning team has taken the decision to alter some of the route which will reduce the impact on congestion within some of the larger towns and villages and maintain the safety of the riders on the closed road policy which will be in place for this event. There are two cycle routes for this event - the Mourne Route (177Kms) with approximately 1600 amateur cyclists completing the course and the Strangford route (59Kms) with approximately 800 amateur cyclists . Road closures for both routes are outlined in section 4 and 5.

Key considerations for Trust staff

It is business as usual for Belfast Trust on Sunday 5th June however we would advise staff to allow time to travel to and from work as the following road closures impact on travel times. Staff are advised to seek alternative routes. Emergency response staff and those providing community care who require access across a closed road are advised to go to the nearest gateway and identify themselves to the PSNI constable who will facilitate the route at the earliest opportunity. A Gateway is a controlled crossing point which facilitates traffic across the intended cycle route. The Gateways activations will be dictated by the time zone within which each gateway is located. In relation to staff working shifts, it is the responsibility of each service to assess the potential impact of the road closures on their service and advise staff and service users to allow plenty of time for their journey. Please note, there will be diversions in place and travel may only be marginally affected however, it can be assumed that the route within the Belfast area will remain closed from 7am to 4pm on Sunday 5th June. The reopening times are approximate.

Additional information in relation to specific gateways can be via the following link;

There are two cycle routes for this event - the Mourne Route (177Kms) and the Strangford route (59Kms). See the attachements for road closures for both routes:

Read about the Mourne Closures by road and zone (177Km Route)

Read about the Strangford Closures by road and zone (59Km Route)