Belfast Trust - Award Winning Care of Children with Sight Impairment


The outstanding work of the NOVIC (Neuro-Ophthalmic Visual Impairment in Children) team at the Children’s Hospital received national recognition this month as they received the Team of the Year Award at the national Vision Pioneer Awards in London.

NOVIC was launched in February 2015 and is a multi-disciplinary team which runs vision clinics specifically for children with sight impairment secondary to neurological problems.  It is a joint venture between the Children’s Hospital, RVH Eye Department (including Ophthalmology, Orthoptics and Optometry), Neuro-disability and Occupational Therapy, and partner organisation RNIB.

As well as being crowned Team of the Year, the team was also shortlisted for the Innovation Award. The Vision pioneer Awards is a national competition run by the UK Vision 2020 Strategy and RNIB, and this is the first year these awards have taken place.  Read more about UK Vision Strategy:   (link to


The innovative approach of NOVIC ensures the child’s visual and systemic welfare are assessed at one visit. Each assessment comprising visual, neuro-developmental, occupational therapy examination and is tailored to the individual child. The emphasis is upon discovering and optimizing visual potential, while family and community service support is also discussed with our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer.

A report of the assessment is sent to the families with copies to all professionals involved in that child’s care.