Belfast Trust backs Happy Smiles for pre-school children


Belfast Trust Oral Health Improvement team is backing a new initiative to secure Happy Smiles for pre-school kids.

Launched by Health Minister, Michelle O’Neill, the programme initiative aims to improve the oral health of pre-school children by making tooth brushing a part of daily activities in pre-school.

It will also help children to make healthy choices over snacks and break, and learn about oral health more widely through songs, music, stories and drama.

“Early interventions in all areas of health and social wellbeing can have positive influences on outcomes for childhood and the rest of our lives,” said Minister O’Neill.

Happy Smiles will encourage Community Dental Services, school teams, parents and their children to all work together.

Pictured at the launch were (L-R) Oral Health Improvement Team Manager Joan Melanophy, Minister O'Neill and Oral Health Improvement Team member, Anne McKeown.

Want a Happy Smile yourself? Just follow these handy tips from our Oral Health Improvement team:

1. The most important time to brush your teeth is before bed - along with one other time during the day.  Remember - brush in ‘circles’ for 2 minutes, and spit out the excess toothpaste instead of rinsing with water.
2. Visit the dentist every 6 months - our mouths can tell a lot about our general health.
3. Sugars in our food make acid that can soften the enamel of our teeth. It's much better to eat a sugary snack with, or straight after, a meal. This will reduce ‘acid attacks’ on your teeth.